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6 Best Google Pixel 7a Fast Chargers to Buy in 2023

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The Google Pixel 7A was announced at Google I/O 2023 on May 10th. The phone was extensively leaked before launch, and it’s a trendy mid-range offering for those looking for the Google software experience and a near-flagship camera system for a comparatively pocket-friendly price. If you’re looking for a compact phone, this is one of the best in the market.

The Pixel 7A isn’t perfect for all audiences, though. It’s suitable in markets with cooler climates. The Pixel 7A comes with the Tensor G2 chip, which uses Samsung’s 5nm fabrication. This makes it prone to heating issues and, as a result, isn’t very efficient.

The Pixel 7A has a 4385 mAh battery, a standard capacity for a 6.1″ smartphone. Unfortunately, the chip’s efficiency lets this phone down. Google isn’t very confident about the battery life, so they disable 90Hz out of the box. It’s set to 60, and you have to manually high refresh rate from Settings. This was presumably done for battery reasons.

You can pick up a Pixel 7A for 499$ USD unlocked, and it’s a competitive phone among the A54 and iPhone SE. This has one of the range’s best cameras and a delightful software experience.

However, if you use your phone a lot, the battery won’t exceed 4 hours of screen-on-time. You will need a good charger to go with the phone to eliminate your charging woes.

Does the Pixel 7A come with a charger?

In the box of the Pixel 7A, you’ll get the phone itself, a SIM ejector, a quick switch adaptor, a USB Type C to USB Type C cable (2.0), and a support card. If you were wondering, the Pixel 7A does not include a Power Adaptor in the box.

This is an unfortunate trend that began with the Pixel 6 series. Until the Pixel 5A, you used to get an 18W power adapter in the box. While Apple is responsible for this trend of removing chargers in 2020 with the iPhone 12, other manufacturers like Google and Samsung followed suit.

This move makes sense from a business perspective since companies can now sell first-party charging adapters and make decent profit margins from them. They also save costs because the charger is no longer in the phone’s box. While one charging brick might seem insignificant, the costs multiply with the scale of units sold. Note that this move is purely business-driven and doesn’t help the environment.

Since the Google Pixel 7A doesn’t include a charger, you must either use your old one or purchase a new one for your Pixel 7A. We’ve compiled a list of the six best fast chargers for the Google Pixel 7A. The term fast charging here is obligatory since the Pixel 7A charges at a slow 18W.

It supports the USB Power Delivery 3.0 standard and can charge wirelessly at 7.5W. We don’t recommend charging this wirelessly since it could worsen battery health long-term; it’s painfully slow and generates much heat while wasting energy. Tests show that the Pixel 7A takes about an hour and 45 minutes to charge fully with 18 Watts charger.

The best fast chargers for Google Pixel 7A

1: Google’s official 30W fast charger

  • Link to purchase the 30W Google Charger

This charger sells for about 25$ on Amazon, and it’s Google’s official 30W power adapter. While the officially rated charging speed is only 18W for the Pixel 7A, some tests show that the phone accepts much higher wattage than the rated wattage. Hence, your phone could juice up faster than an hour and 45 minutes.

The 30W charger has a typical white adapter design, and you can also charge Chromebooks, Tablets, and other phones with this. That’s because it uses the Power Delivery standard. If you want the cable too, that’s 35$.

2: Spigen Gallium Nitride 20W Charger

  • Link to purchase the Spigen 20W GaN Charger

Second on our list is Spigen’s offering, since it offers a Gallium Nitride charger at 18$. Companies have been using Gallium Nitride a lot more recently as the semiconductor material in chargers. They can handle a lot more heat and power than regular chargers. It’s a better conductor of electricity.

Gallium Nitride chargers are also much smaller in form factor; if you compare them to a bog-standard charger. This charger is also foldable and goes up to 20W of power. It’s compatible with the Google Pixel 7A. You can buy it in either black or white colours.

3: Anker Electronics 30W GaN Charger

  • Link to purchase the Anker 30W GaN Charger

We’ve explained what Gallium Nitride chargers do. They’re smaller, lightweight, and also cooler. This charger from Anker juices your phone up at 30W and is compatible with the Pixel 7A. Depending on ambient temperatures, your phone should be fully charged in about an hour and a half. It’s a good deal for about 19$. There’s no cable in the box, though; it comes in white, purple, blue, green, and black colour choices.

4: Anker foldable 45W GaN Charger

  • Link to purchase the Anker 45W GaN Charger

This is similar to the 30W offering but is foldable since it offers a higher wattage (45W). You can also charge your Pixel phone with this; there’s no need to worry about higher wattage. The phone won’t accept more wattage than it’s capable of. One use case of higher wattage is charging other gadgets, like your laptop, with the same power brick. You don’t have to buy a separate one to charge those. It’s available in one Black colour. You can find it for about 29$.

5: Baseus 30W Dual Port USB-C Charger

  • Link to purchase the Baseus 30W Charger

The Baseus 30W power brick is larger than the others on this list but serves a different audience. You can charge two devices at once with this adapter. Just plug in two cables, and you’re set. One of the ports is USB Type C, and the other is a Type A port. It’s selling for 16$ and has two colour options; black and white.

6: UGREEN Ace Cube 30W PD GaN Charger

  • Link to purchase UGREEN Ace Cube 30W PD GaN Charger

This 30W charger from UGREEN offers a perfect balance. It has 30W of power, uses GaN technology and is slim and doesn’t get hot, and is also Power Delivery compatible so that you can use your other gadgets. It’s selling for 18$, and there’s one colour option, White.


We believe these were some of the best chargers for the Google Pixel 7A. These chargers run through several regulatory tests and are perfectly safe to use. We recommend using reliable chargers from reputable companies instead of sketchy third-party chargers since they may damage the battery or the port, get too hot, and are always a safety hazard.

We’ve included the best options for all types of users. There’s no official winner here, and the list was in no particular order. Those who want the official charger can get Google’s offering, and those who wish to dual charge at the same time can get the Baseus charger, and we’ve included GaN options, a charger with 45W of power, foldable options, and PD ones. You may choose depending on your priorities and requirements.

Note that the availability of these products may vary, and you may have to check other websites if you can’t find the chargers on sale right now. The prices also may fluctuate and aren’t fixed; there might be coupon discounts to keep your eyes open.

Finally, the charging speeds we mentioned are carefully calculated estimates. They may or may not match your real-world charging experience. However, the Pixel 7A should probably charge up between an hour and a half or two hours.

Disclosure: We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the affiliate links in this article.


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