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7 Best Epub Readers for Windows in 2023

Even though the world is now completely digital, many people still like to read books. Book readers still have been relevant in this digital world. Nowadays, to read books, there are some dedicated tablets like Kindle. But these devices are a little bit expensive. Many people use this type of tablet to enjoy reading ebooks. However, many Epub reader software is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows. You don’t need to spend that much money on tables for reading books. This article will discuss some of 2023’s best Epub Readers for Windows.

What are Epub Readers?

Epub readers are file viewer software that enables the reading of files usually stored in the Epub format. It’s a file format, just like a PDF file. This software allows you to read digital books on your Windows computer. Using this software, you can get the best experience of reading books. No need to buy expensive tables for reading books.

Best Epub Readers for Windows

1. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital is one of the popular Ebook reading tools. It is a free and very user-friendly eReader tool for book readers. You can read both online and offline modes on this tool as it allows you to download and purchase digital content online. It supports multiple languages such as English, German, Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, and many more. Using this tool, you can easily export ebooks in Epub. Adobe Digital Editions provides a single view to read ebooks and offers Highlighting for text. Apart from these features, this tool provides many valuable features like Full-screen mode, Bookmarking, Borrowing eBooks, etc.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Well-organized books.
  • Support for bookmarks, notes, and highlights features.
  • Easily sync books across devices.


  • The reading mode can’t be customized.
  • Slow loading.

2. Icecream Epub Reader

Our second pick is Icecream Epub Reader, as it is another best Epub reader tools for Windows. This tool helps you to track your reading progress during your reading time. Icecream Epub Reader tool brings many features, including Bookmarking, Full-screen mode, search capabilities, etc. This tool also supports multiple languages. It supports Epub and other ebook formats such as Mobi, FB2, CBR, etc. Overall it is one of the best Epub reader tools. The pricing starts at $19.95.


  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • Bookmarking feature.
  • Search feature.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not a free tool.
  • Frequently asking for updates.

3. Sumatra PDF Reader

Sumatra PDF Reader is a free Epub reader tool for Windows that supports multiple file formats like PDF, Epub, Mobi, CBR, and many more. This tool is one of the best PDF editor and reader tools. It is a very lightweight ebook reader that gives a speedy performance. This tool is swift and bugs free. The Sumatra PDF Reader tool is a favourite for many people. It offers bookmarking features, the background colour changes, Highlighting text features, etc.


  • Smooth and fast interface.
  • Light application.
  • Supports multiple book formats.
  • Bugs free.


  • Doesn’t support annotations.
  • No metadata editing feature.

4. Calibre

Calibre is the oldest Epub reader tool, but it is still the best for Windows PCs. It is an easy-to-use and open-source Epub reader tool. This tool offers features like changing font size, metadata editing, margins, downloading ebooks online, transferring books from one device to another, and many more. It is best for Windows users, which helps them save time in managing their ebooks collections. It is a free tool.


  • Offers metadata editing.
  • Supports custom reading themes.
  • Keyboard shortcut.


  • Slow loading.
  • Old interface.

5. Bibliovore

Bibliovore is another good Epub reader for Windows. It is an entirely free reading tool. You can download this ebook reader app from the Windows app store easily. This excellent reading tool offers fantastic features like metadata editing, an extensive library of books, adjusting font parameters, customized reading themes, etc. So, this could be the perfect ebook reader for Windows 10/11 users.


  • Support reading themes.
  • Well-organization features.
  • Support metadata editing feature.


  • Less customization feature for fonts.

6. Freda

Freda is the favourite reading tool for many Windows users because of its looks and excellent interface. It runs equally well on Windows PC or tablets also. This tool offers multiple languages like English, Chinese, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and many more. Freda also supports various file formats like Mobi, Epub, HTML, FB2, etc. Apart from these, this tool offers many valuable features such as Highlighting fonts, single and double view to read ebooks, Full-screen reading mode, Touch-screen interface, and many more. It is one of the best free reading tools for Windows and Android devices.


  • Modern UI interface.
  • Supports annotations and bookmarks.
  • Customizable reading mode.


  • Laggy.
  • Doesn’t support older Windows versions.

7. Kobo

Kobo is one of the best ebook reading tools that offers a clean and easy-to-use interface. This tool allows you to buy books from its store. It supports both Epub and Epub 3 formats. The most important thing about this tool is that it gives a platform to writers that allow aspiring writers to publish their books. Here, you can manage your books library and engage in a reading experience. Kobo also offers features like bookmarking, highlighting fonts, annotations, etc.


  • Easy and clean interface.
  • Self-publish a book.
  • Built-in store to buy ebooks.
  • Customized interface.


  • Hard to manage imported books.


1. What kinds of content can be stored in an Epub file?

Epub tools can store words, fonts, images, metadata details, tables of content, stylesheets, etc.

2. Are all Epub reader tools free?

Most Epub reader tools can be used for free. You can download them for free of cost. But, you will have to spend a little money to read some ebooks on this software.

3. Is the Epub reader tool for Windows free?

Yes, plenty of free Epub reader tools are available for Windows PC. We have also mentioned all free and paid Epub reader tools in our list.

4. Does the Epub reader tool support other file types?

Yes, there are several tools there that support multiple file formats like Mobi, PDF, Epub, FB2, CBZ, and many more. We have mentioned some of these types of reading tools in the list. You can check them out.


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