All skill resources in one goblin thus gives better planning control.

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All skill resources in one goblin thus gives better planning control.

(1) All skill resources in one goblin thus gives better planning control.

(2) The list makes it possible to satisfy the need for an organization plan.

(3) Organizational relationships become very complex.


Dissatisfaction is observed among employees. (5) It is a time consuming process. It needs many changes. But it is feared that many problems will arise.


After looking at the organization structure, we will look at the asset management to organize this structure. In any activity, event information is usually presented in its form. While a chart is a diagram showing the relationship between various positions in an organization as well as perceptions, a graphical representation of organizational structure is an organizational tool.

The organization includes the following. (1) Organization structure and flow of authority


(2) Responsibilities assigned to various entities and persons (3) Names of various entities.

During this hunger strike, the next way is (1) the beneficiary of the work vs. the prod.

Organizations can be structured in a hierarchical manner (1) in a downward flow from senior to junior levels, with a downward flow of individual authority to work on, and a bottom-up flow.

((2) A horizontal line flowing from left to right broadly shows the levels of management in an organization and the ownership structure is easy to follow. These charts are very easy to construct.

(4) Problems arise in performance appraisal. Hence (3) circular structure in which there is a position of highest authority and all other positions are shown around it, less important positions in the organization are shown further apart. The characteristic of this organization is that it can be created from anywhere and one • eventually reaches the center point. It studies 2.2.1 Chart of Organization (Organization is not a very difficult task.


Advantages. The following benefits are derived from this organizational chart: (1) It shows how each person and his work fits into the organization.

There is a clear idea that they do. (2) It helps the management in decision-making as the rights and scope of work of the employees are fixed.


(3) Alternatives in planning and determining policies

Managers are assured of being available. (4) It avoids duplication of work and authority.

(5) These tests are helpful for training purposes. (6) Knowledge of organizational structure helps an outsider.

All the three organization charts mentioned above can be visualized from the diagrams.

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