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Android Auto 9.2 Stable Update is Now Available for Download | 4266

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Android Auto 9.2 Stable Update is Now Available for Download

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At the end of February 2023, Android Auto 9.0 officially began rolling out to everyone. There was no official changelog, but we know several bugs with the previous 9.1 and 9.0 versions.

While the 9.0 version didn’t officially mention any of these changes, we assume Google fixed at least some of the bugs with it. There’s a new feature that Google calls Cast. With it, you can mirror your entire smartphone screen onto the display in your car. This is useful for getting an expansive app view.

Copyright-protected content like Netflix will not show up on your car. It’s also dangerous to cast movies or shows there since you have to keep the primary focus on driving.

The Cast feature did appear a couple of months ago, and you could mirror your car’s infotainment via Android Auto. The feature was a Beta, but there’s no sign of it on the 9.2 version.

If you’re expecting Cast to work on 9.2, it probably won’t since there’s no mention of it in the official changelog.

The version has a codename of 9.2.1312, and while an official changelog is absent, there are some new changes that people found out.

Optimization was necessary for the Do Not Disturb mode; the latest 9.2 version improves that. Also, there’s a small change to Dark Mode. This change was in previous versions but didn’t roll out to everyone.

Even the Android Auto app will enter dark mode if you set your phone to dark mode earlier—the same with the display on your car. If you toggle the light mode on your phone, it will also change the UI of the vehicle to light mode.

This can get rather annoying. Having the dark mode option in bright sunlight is alright on your phone. Smartphone screens have good calibration and brightness.

However, viewing content under direct sunlight with a car display is problematic since the quality is generally not the best.

Thankfully, the new Android Auto 9.2 update makes dark mode independent of your phone app. The Car UI will have its toggle and won’t change if you flip the switch on your phone.

There are some other vague bug fixes and improvements, but none were specific. According to some tests, no changes were seen to the overall UI or UX of the car UI and the mobile app. This is a minor refinement update.

The goal is still to refine Coolwalk UI. It isn’t rolling out to everyone with this update, either. That’s a server-side rollout, and Google does not tie Coolwalk to a specific Android version.

Many new features, like the Material You theme, Coolwalk UI, multitasking, split screen view, etc., are still pending. You won’t see them with Android Auto 9.2.

The Android Auto 9.1 stable build rolled out a week or two after the beta build. So, you can expect Android Auto 9.2 officially roll out in a week on the Google Play Store.

We have no reason to update unless you’re a developer or tester. We recommend proceeding cautiously if you want to download the beta since Beta software is prone to bugs and inconsistencies.

You can sign up officially for Google’s beta program of Android Auto or download an APK from trusted websites like APK Mirror.


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