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Apple Beats Studio Pro Launch Imminent, Passes FCC Certification

WhatsApp Image 2023 08 17 at 3.32.34 PM

The Apple-owned brand—Beats has launched multiple headphones in partnership with the company. Some include Beats Fit Pro, Studio 3, Studio Buds, and Studios Buds+. The team plans to introduce the prominent variant: Beats Studio Pro.

Rumours about Apple’s Beats Studio Pro are already surfacing on the internet, and the launch will soon happen. The headphones have now appeared at the FCC Certification before the official announcement.

The FCC Certification is a necessary filing required for the electronic product. It indicates that a specific product is free from electronic, magnetic radiation. The company’s upcoming product: Beats Studio Pro, has also been filed for certification. The launch will happen soon if a product is certified at such certifications.

The Cupertino-based Tech Giant introduced their first Beats Solo Pro headphones in 2019, right before launching the AirPods Pro. Launching so many headphones to date, Apple has gained enough headphone advancements and suitable sound signatures to satisfy consumers.

As per the FCC listings, the Beats Studio Pro headphones will feature improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). It will also deliver improved Transparency mode. One can easily switch between ANC and Transparency modes by pressing two times on a single button provided. The new over-ear headphones will also feature Personalized Spatial Audio. It will use USB Type-C charging instead of the micro USB port. To extend smartphone compatibility, the headphones will utilize a custom Beats chip.

The upcoming over-the-ear headphones are expected to be a massive upgrade compared to the previous ones. The Beats Studio 3 is currently selling for approximately $169 on Amazon. It features Apple’s W1 chipset and the nasty Apple USB port. The upcoming headphones have already registered for FCC Certification, so the launch is imminent.

According to the Certification, the headphone model number is A2924. Formerly, the Beats Studio Pro also appeared in code references in a macOS 13.4 RC Beta. The name that came into view was “Beats Headset” with a similar “model number: “2924. The leakers started to claim the product under code reference as the upcoming Beats Studio Pro.

The rendered images claiming the appearance and guise of the upcoming headphones also got available on social media platforms.

Regarding the launch of the Beats Studio Pro, we are not sure about it. There are no official announcements by the company too. But, we are expecting a summer launch can probably take place because we cannot predict the launch of Beats products to happen on a specific date or month, unlike Apple, which can be easily predictable and regular in terms of launches.

Not to mention, the Beats Studio Pro hints started on the same day when Apple hired a famous A-Cold-Wall Fashion brand designer Samuel Ross to work as the first Principal Design Consultant for the company.

We will update the post based on the latest leaks regarding the Beats Studio Pro. In case you are interested, make sure to keep an eye on it.

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