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Best Health Insurance Plans Without Health Checkup!

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To look after your health and prepare for any medical contingency, owning health insurance is the best way out. It ensures you and your family with financial assistance, during the plan duration, for seeking treatments and procedures. Thus, insurance providing agencies ask for medical reports to analyze their health history before selling them an insurance plan. This helps them evaluate the level of risk they are investing in. Many individuals are unaware of their own medical conditions, while many others, even if they know, don’t want to share due to the fear of rejection of policy application or enhancement in the premium amount.

To avoid such confusion, many insurers seek medical examination of policy seekers before offering them health Insurance plans. But, this deters many people from purchasing health insurance plans, particularly individuals from the age group of 50-60 years of age. However, considering the psyche of people, different health insurance companies have now started offering policies without any requirement of health checkups. The plans without health checkups are designed to be provided with a parameter of age limit etc.

Reasons of not wanting Health Plans with Health Check-up

Due to the compulsion of getting a pre-policy health check-up done by some insurance companies, many individuals altogether avoid purchasing health insurance plans only. This happens because of the following reasons:

  • There are many individuals who fear the detection of any pre-existing health ailment during the health check-up as it would lead to an increase in the premium paid against the health insurance plan. Therefore, people do not prefer buying health insurance plans with medical check-ups.
  • Many people averse to even the idea of getting a pre-policy health check up, which otherwise are important to know about their existing health condition.
  • Before purchasing the health insurance plan, many individuals find it inconvenient to go through a health check-up.
  • Also, many individuals avoid going through a health check-up as the added cost of paying for the expenses of these check-ups would fall on them. This is because many insurance companies only pay for pre-policy medical check-up in case the policy gets issued.
  • There are various health insurance companies that bear only 50% of health check-up cost and the remaining 50% has to be borne by the policyholders. This is an additional expenditure, which many individuals refrain from taking.

The reason for not wanting to undergo a pre-policy health check-up could be any inconvenience to go through a health check up, any mental aversion, pre-policy health check up costs etc. This is the reason why many individuals favor health insurance plans not requiring any health check-ups. So, now the question arises “ Are there any such plans available in the market?”

Yes, there are certain health insurance plans that do not require a pre-policy medical check-up.

Health insurance Plans without any Health Check-Up

Here are some plans that can be acquired without going through any medical examination and considered the best in the market.

  • Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

The plan is specially designed for senior citizens and offers health coverage to people from 60 years to 75 years with guaranteed lifetime renewal. There are several perks of having this policy, but the best one is that it requires no medical examination for entry. In fact, on submitting the medical records, the policyholder gets a discount of 10% on premium amounts.

Key Highlights:
 Plans are available with the tenure of 1, 2, and 3 years and the sum insured amounts ranging from 1 Lac to 25 Lac.
2. Costs incurred in the health check-ups are covered up to a certain limit for every claim-free year.
3. All daycare procedures are covered under the policy
4. The pre-hospitalisation cover is offered up to 30 days prior to hospitalisation, while in the case of post-hospitalization a lump sum amount is given
5. Ambulance charges are covered under prescribed limits for emergency transportation.

  • National Parivar Mediclaim Policy

The plan has the objective to safeguard the health of the complete family on a single amount of sum insured. Under the plan, the sum insured can be ranged from 1 Lac to 10 Lac and is available for 1, 2 or 3 years. The plan can allow entry to people between the age group of 91 days and 65 years, which may comprise self, parents, spouse, and dependent kids. The policy with lifetime renewal feature requires no pre-policy checkup up to the age of 50 years, but require in case of any seeking any critical illness coverage.

Key Highlights:
 The plan provides pre and post-hospitalisation cover for 30 days and 60 days respectively, on a reimbursement basis
2. More than 140 listed daycare procedures are covered under the plan
3. If the doctor advises treatment at home that lasts for 3 or more days, the cost incurred is insured under the domiciliary hospitalisation feature
4. The policyholders can claim for in-patient hospitalisation costs incurred on alternative treatments like Homeopathy and Ayurveda up to the sum insured
5. The delivery of baby or termination of pregnancy has covered a maximum of twice in a policy period

  • Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater Policy 

The insurance plan offers health coverage for entire families up to 7 family members, including 4 adults and 3 kids, with lifetime renewal benefits. It also insurers some specific pre-existing diseases with a waiting period of 4 years. The plan is a complete family package which allows the entry of members within an age group of 91 days to 65 years. In addition to this, the plan allows the application of people for entry into the plan without letting them go through any pre-medical screening below the age of 60.

Key Highlights:
 The plan is divided into three basic parts, i.e., silver, gold, and diamond plan, with the sum insured amount between 1 Lac and 20 Lac.
2. No Claim Bonus (NCB) is offered from 5% to up to 20% of the premium amount if the policy is renewed without any break.
3. Coverage offered for nursing, room, boarding expenses, etc., up to 1% of SI per day
4. Around 24-daycare, procedures are covered under the health policy
5. During organ transplantation, the expenses related to hospitalisation, nursing, pathological tests, medicine, etc, all can be claimed.
If you are seeking a health insurance policy without a medical check-up, these are some plans that can bring your search to an end.


With the afore-mentioned plans available in the market, a policyholder can avail a health insurance plan even without a health check up. So, when now you are not left with any excuse to not buy a health plan, therefore, without any worries, start comparing the plans based upon your requirements and purchase a health plan without any further delay.


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