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Best Whoop Alternatives in 2022

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Whoop is pretty cool and helpful, especially for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. It is popularly known as a fitness tracker also. It is not just a fitness tracker; it’s more than that. The Whoop is not designed for one pro athlete or fitness enthusiast but for everyone who wants to add structure to their fitness and health. This device measures how much stress you experience through life and exercise. This fantastic device also tracks your recovery based on your physiological makeup.

However, no matter how good this device is, every device has some weak points also. Whoop also has some drawbacks. No electronic device can be perfect; we all know that. One of the flaws of Whoop is that it has no screen. Because of this, it’s hard to monitor our workouts in real-time. Anyways, you can use some other device also instead of Whoop. There are lots of Whoop alternatives available in the market which offer the same features. In this article, we will talk about some best Whoop alternatives you can purchase in 2022.

Top 5 Whoop Alternatives in 2022:

1. Fitbit Inspire 2

Our first pick is Fitbit Inspire 2. It is one of the best Whoop Alternatives you can buy. The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a nuanced fitness tracker that gives you a perfect experience. The exciting thing about this tracker is that Fitness Inspire 2 offers a full year of Fitbit premium for new Premium users. This fitness tracker comes with some exciting features. The battery life is also pretty good. You can easily enjoy ten days of battery life for daily progress without constant charging.


  • Low price.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Excellent sleep tracking and insights.
  • GPS connectivity.


  • Dull display.
  • Bland design.

2. Fitbit Charge 5

The second Whoop alternative on our list is Fitbit Charge 5. It is an excellent fitness tracker you can use. This tracker offers plenty of upgrades from its predecessor. Fitbit Charge 5 comes with built-in GPS connectivity also. It tracks your activity, sleep, and stress so you can make the best decisions for your health and mind. This device is compatible with iPhone and Android


  • Aesthetic design.
  • Battery life.
  • Slim and lightweight.
  • Bright OLED display.
  • GPS connectivity.


  • Touch screen.
  • Expensive.

3. Amazon Halo View

Amazon Halo View is another good Whoop alternative you can buy at a low price. It is a superb budget-friendly fitness tracker. The Amazon Halo View offers some serving-up features to keep you on track for whatever goals you have set. You can also connect this fitness tracker with Alexa. It will give you seven days of battery backup without constant charging, and it will take 2 hours to charge 0-100%. This device is waterproof. The Halo app has some features and options that competitors have yet to offer.


  • Easy to use.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Bright and colourful display.
  • Waterproof.


  • No GPS.
  • Limited tracking features.

4. Xiaomi Band 6

Xiaomi Band 6 is another good, basic fitness tracker. It is one of the best Whoop alternatives you can check. It includes some modern features like blood oxygen tracking. The battery will last for at least two weeks. It is also water resistant, as you can wear it during swimming.


  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Good battery life.
  • Colourful screen.
  • Accurate heart rate.


  • No NFC.
  • Confusing app interface.

5. Huawei Band 6

Huawei Band 6 is our last Whoop alternative on the list. If you are looking for a good Whoop alternative at a low price, Huawei Band 6 will be a perfect choice. It has a built-in Spo2 detection system that monitors your blood oxygen saturation. This fantastic fitness tracker offers an incredible battery life of 14 days for typical use and ten days for heavy ones. Overall, this is one of the perfect Whoop alternatives you can purchase on a low budget.


  • Comfortable to wear,
  • Value for money.
  • Good battery life.
  • Spo2 monitoring.


  • Limited features.
  • Low heart rate accuracy.

Final Words:

That’s all for today. Whoop is currently serving as the leading fitness tracker in the digital market. It is the best tool to stay fit by providing complete information about different activities. However, several Whoop alternatives are in the market also. You can check them out in this article. All other options are perfect. You can choose any of them as per your requirements. If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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