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.Concrete is a composite material of aggregate bound with cement that hardens over time |316


.Concrete is a composite material of aggregate bound with cement that hardens over time

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.Concrete is a composite material of aggregate bound with cement that hardens over time. This is the boring part. It is even more interesting that concrete has been used by humans for centuries to build our cities and most often event spaces. Today, concrete is more popular for commercial and domestic purposes and has a new look that is used to create beautiful and elegant decorations for indoor spaces.


This new look is the result of advanced technology and products that allow you to start by grinding concrete and steel, creating a smooth and polished surface with professional skill. No longer used only for structural purposes, concrete has now become a desirable aesthetic that many seek to develop.



Concrete is a very durable material. That is why it is so widely used in any major city or urban event – stadiums, housing developments, roads and infrastructure all use concrete as an integral part of their design for strength and durability. In addition, the steeling process initiates the densification of the material, which hardens and increases the strength of the concrete slab. It creates a highly durable floor surface that is resistant to scratches, dents, water damage and blemishes.


Aesthetic appeal is a big factor in the wider use of the material. Beyond a simple gray floor, polished concrete can be unique and beautiful depending on the process and materials used to make it. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it a versatile type of flooring. A beautiful floor finish can be achieved using different variations of aggregates, sand, stain, paint, decorative patterns and engraved graphics.


This area is very easy to fix. As a single solid unit, there is no place where dirt or corrosive materials can hide. This means that no unwanted areas need to be treated with expensive and expensive cleaning methods. A mild cleaning product applied directly to the surface is all you need to keep polished concrete looking fresh and clean. Other materials, such as wood, may require greater care and attention when providing long-term service. Regular waxing and cleaning is sometimes necessary to achieve the desired finish – but not with polished concrete floors.


Due to the ease of maintenance of these products, the level of cleanliness is usually higher in the advancements they add to their design. The cleaning process is faster in the first place, but the material does not contain bacteria that can infect people if they do not come into contact with people. This is especially useful in kitchen design.



Although there are many advantages to using reinforced concrete floors, there are definitely some disadvantages that can make it not the best choice for your home or development. The largest is one of the biggest features – due to the high strength and durability of the material, dropping delicate or expensive items here can cause damage. Unlike carpet or linoleum, phones, laptops, vases or china cannot escape to the floor.


Another drawback is that it can be cold to the touch if not exposed to direct sunlight or inside a heated room. People who like to walk around the house barefoot may find it uncomfortable. Also, the consistency across the field can be slightly different, especially with large areas. The changes may not be drastic, the floor may be slightly lighter around the perimeter, but if you are a perfectionist or planning a construction that requires attention to detail, you may think twice about using it. polished concrete floors.


Our best advice is to try it yourself. Check out all the new developments that incorporate the material into flooring and see how you can use it yourself. There are also many samples online that you can browse to get a better understanding of patterns, colors and textures.


Advance Group is the UK’s leading specialist in concrete floor care, including cleaning, maintenance, polishing and restoration. Certified by Safe Contractor and qualified in Retro Plate Systems. It is also accredited by KSG Group and IICRC. The growing team’s valued clients include BT, Warburtons, Hammerson, Balfour Beatty, Wilmot Dixon and Workman.

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