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Diablo 4 Crashing Issues on PC: Potential Workarounds \ 4192

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Diablo 4 Crashing Issues on PC: Potential Workarounds

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Diablo IV, or Diablo 4, is an action game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth edition of the series and has recently been launched officially. The launch date was June 6th. Before that, the game had been in its early access phase for a while. You can also play on Mac using Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit.

Diablo 4 Issues

While the game was available only to users with early access, they faced some issues. Several people have complained about the game crashing. And the game also freezes for some others. The specifications do not seem to be the issue since people with PCs with higher specifications than the recommended ones are also plagued with the problem.

This problem starts appearing at different points for different people. For some, the game crashes right as they launch it or before they can log in to their account. While for others, it crashes just as a cutscene starts playing or when they reach the character selection stage. And if that was not irritating enough, some reports even state that the game crashes their entire PC and shuts it off. An error saying ‘Out of memory’ has also been spotted in some instances, even on high-end PCs.

The problems are not limited to PC gamers only. Xbox users have also claimed to see messages stating ‘Invalid license error code 315306’.

Potential Workarounds

The game developers released an update on June 8th, claiming it fixes the stability and crashing issues. They have also provided some troubleshooting steps on Blizzard Entertainment’s official site. However, if you are still facing the problem, we have also found some ways to fix them.

The most basic one is trying to run Diablo 4 with administrator rights. It seems to resolve the issues for some people.

If that does not work, you can tamper with some game files. Open File Explorer on your PC, and go into the Documents directory. In the Diablo 4 files, search for a file named LocalPrefs. Open it, look for the line DisableChromaEffects “0”, and change it to DisableChromaEffects “1”. Save the file and relaunch the game. It should start working. Also, ensure you do not mess with anything else while trying this method.

Now we will move on to more complex ways to resolve these issues. The first one is to change some performance settings. First, open the Control Panel and search for Advanced System Settings. Please open it and go to the Advanced tab, click on Performance Settings, and then again head into the Advanced tab. Once you are there, click on Change under the Virtual Memory section. Here, select the drive you have installed Diablo 4 on. If the checkbox for automatically managing paging size is checked, uncheck it first. Now, select System managed size. Now hit OK on this window, and Apply and OK on the next few windows.

If you still have not found luck, this might be your last resort until the issues get fixed officially. We hope the developers do that soon to give users a hassle-free experience.


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