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Facing A Cash Crunch Here Are 6 Buy Now Pay Later Platforms You Can Use | 500015


Facing A Cash Crunch Here Are 6 Buy Now Pay Later Platforms You Can Use

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is a great credit facility that offers some much needed relief in times of cash crunch. Anyone can be faced with a financial emergency at any point in life and having an affordable credit option is important.

There are a number of Buy Now Pay Later apps in India. They offer credits of up to Rs.5 lakhs to eligible borrowers at low interest rates. Your credit limit and interest rates are based on your credit score and anyone with a decent credit score can get a good credit limit instantly. The interest rates on these loans are very low and are charged on a daily reducing basis. So you can save on interest rates as and when you make payments.

Today, we will discuss 6 of the top Buy Now Pay Later apps in India that offer a wide range of credit options and other benefits to customers. Before that, let us briefly look at what BNPL is and how it works.

What Is Buy Now Pay Later? How Does It Work?
Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a financing option that provides eligible shoppers with an instant credit limit based on their bank account and past purchases. The credit score is considered for credit, but several other factors are also taken into account. As a result, users with lower credit limits can also benefit from this scheme. The credit limit available for use in making purchases on the e-commerce website and in retail stores. This money is typically repaid interest-free in 30 days. Users can also pay it back in three, six, nine, or twelve simple EMIs at a low interest rate.

Now let us take a look at the top BNPL apps in India.

1. CashE
CashE is one of the most straightforward Buy Now Pay Later lending options on the market. A fantastic credit limit is obtained through a simple two-step account activation process. Simply enter your basic information and your credit limit will be displayed on your CashE app immediately. Check CashE BNPL below:

Connect your Simple app to 1000s of local merchants and start shopping.
Get a loan of up to Rs.4 lakh to go shopping.
Simple app allows you to complete all of your online purchases with a single tap.
Repay easily in two billing cycles per month. Alternatively, choose EMIs ranging from 3 months to 1.5 years.
There are no hidden fees or charges in this process.
Loan program that does not place a high value on your credit score, allowing people with poor credit to obtain financing.
2. Zest Money
By far the most popular BNPL platform for online shoppers is Zest Money. They work with over 1.5 lakh stores across India and provide credit limits of up to Rs.2 lakh. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer ZestMoney BNPL:

Open an account in minutes and receive an instant credit limit approval.
Purchase items online or in person without using a credit card.
Collaboration with over 150,000 merchants to bring you the best products
Use ZestMoney to get 0% EMI on your purchases.
Repay comfortably in 3-4 months
There is no penalty for early or partial payment.
There are no hidden fees; enjoy complete transparency.
3. Amazon Pay Later
Amazon Pay Later is widely used by most Indians due to its online presence. Here are some things to keep in mind about Amazon Pay Later:

EMI payments are simple and hassle-free on all qualified Amazon App and Amazon browser purchases.
Repay in convenient 3-12 month EMIs.
To keep track of payments, transaction history, limitations, and other information, manage your account through a separate dashboard.
There is no credit check required. Your credit limit is determined by your bank account.
There are no processing or cancellation fees.
There are no pre-closure fees.
4. LazyPay
LazyPay is more popular among shoppers because it allows users to pay using UPI at merchant locations.

Using the mobile app, you can shop both online and offline.
Pay in 15 days or select EMIs of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.
Zomato, Tata Sky, MakeMyTrip, Dunzo, GoIBIBO, BB Instant, and other popular merchants accept LazyPay.
Can be obtained with only PAN and Aadhaar details as documentation.
When you pay on time, there are no interest charges or hidden fees.
5. ZIP by Mobikwik
Mobikwik’s BNPL service is referred to as ‘ZIP.’ It is accessible via the Mobikwik mobile app. Here are some of its key features:

Get up to Rs. 30,000 in credit limits right away.
Processing with only your basic information; no lengthy documentation
Enjoy interest-free credit if you pay off your loan before the due date.
When you pay on time on a regular basis, it helps to improve your credit score.
6. Flipkart Pay Later
Flipkart Pay Later is a well-known BNPL app in India. It enables users to make purchases both online and in stores without making a down payment. They simply need to pay for their purchases within the next 30 days. Flipkart Pay Later provides instant credit to loyal app users. This program already has millions of participants, and more are being added on a monthly basis.

Get up to Rs. 1 lakh in credit limits right away.

Get approved in under 30 seconds.
When repaid in 35 days, there is no interest.
Combine several purchases into a single bill.
Try Now Buy Later option on select products, where you pay after receiving and using the product.


When you need money, a loan is often your only option. But a loan comes with strings attached: you’ll have to pay interest, and you’ll have to make payments. That’s when you turn to buy now pay later, an easy way to get extra money without having to make any payments for a set period of time.

With affordable interest rates and flexible repayment options, BNPL can be a lifesaver when you are in need of a little extra cash. And because BNPL is a short-term loan, you won’t have to worry about the loan being a long-term burden. The credit score requirements are also easier to meet than those for a traditional loan.

FAQs of 6 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India 2022:

1:What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now Pay Later is an instant credit option offered by many online lenders for a short period. The credit limit can be primarily used for shopping online.

2:Can I use BNPL anywhere?

Most platforms allow you to use the BNPL credit limit on any e-commerce website. However, a few brand specific BNPL facilities can be used on their platform only. Like Amazon Pay Later or Flipkart Pay later.

3:How much credit limit can I get under BNPL?

Lenders are now offering BNPL credit limits of up to Rs.5 lakhs, based on the customer eligibility, income, online shopping history, and credit score.

4:How do I get approved for a Buy Now Pay Later facility?

You can sign up for any of the BNPL credit options on their website. You can also lookout for offers at the time of checkout on leading e-commerce apps.

5:How much credit score do I need to get approved for a BNPL facility?

Most BNPL lenders look at a number of different factors to approve your BNPL credit. While credit score is one of them, it is not the primary criteria. So even applicants with low credit scores can get easily approved.


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