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Google ‘Hum to Search a Song’ Button Not Showing Up on iOS \ 4107

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Google ‘Hum to Search a Song’ Button Not Showing Up on iOS

WhatsApp Image 2023 08 12 at 10.01.14 PM

Google Assistant is a virtual Assistant by Google that debuted in 2016. Being based on artificial intelligence, it can engage in two-way conversations, unlike its predecessor, Google Now.

Since its launch, it has improved drastically and added many new and innovative features. One of the features is “Hum to search”, which lets its users hum a tune of a song stuck in their head to find details about it.

Google’s ‘Hum to search’ feature is undoubtedly an innovative feature introduced by Google. With the feature enabled, you can learn about a song by humming its tune. Google released this feature so users can find the song stuck in their heads.

At first, the feature was only in Google Assistant and later in the Google search bar. However, recent reports have claimed the feature has been removed on Apple devices.

Multiple Reports from users indicate that the feature was removed from the Google app search bar and the Google home screen widget.

The reports show that the issue is visible on the latest iOS 17 and old iOS versions like iOS 16.6 and iOS 16.5.

Frustrated by this issue, the regular users of this feature have gathered on the official Google Support forum demanding a fix.

After many complaints on the forum, Google has allegedly acknowledged this issue. On the forum, a ‘Diamond Product Expert’ has quoted a response by Google acknowledging the issue. Other than this, there hasn’t been any official statement from Google.

As the hum-to-search feature is quite innovative, it is undoubtedly used by many people regularly. We hope Google officially acknowledges and fixes this issue at the earliest.


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