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Health Insurance Plans for HIV Infected Patients in India | 4035


Health Insurance Plans for HIV Infected Patients in India

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As a result of globalization, hazardous diseases like HIV/AIDS has managed to spread their wings in India. Within the last 10 years, the number of these types of ailment has risen epidemically. The advancement in tourism has made our country to hold the third-highest number of HIV affected people. Despite knowing these facts, no insurance company has ever tried to come up with a health insurance plan

The health insurance plan for HIV positive patients is available with the name NetPlus. A policyholder can get the coverage of Rs 30000 by paying a premium of Rs 2500, while Rs 50000 coverage at a premium of Rs 4000. In addition to this, one can also opt for extended health cover till Rs 30000 with a premium of Rs 390 and till Rs 50000 with the payment of Rs 650. Apart from these monetary terms, here are some key highlights of the plan, which are as follows:


a) There exist no prescribed age limit for the policyholders
b) Only HIV infected people are eligible for this plan
c) Star Health is ready to bear expenses related to pre-medical tests
d) The identity of the person will always be confidential
e) Lends the money related support at the time of critical level i.e., AIDS
f) The policy needs to be proposed by some governmental bodies, NGOs etc.
g) The insured person is required to be a beneficiary member of the proposer.

a) All sorts of pre-medical situations
b) The confirmation of AIDS within 90 days of the beginning of the plan
c) All the medical expenses related to the treatment of HIV


The medical technology is on the surge. Advanced chemotherapy has brought a sense of optimism and hopes to deliver the treatment for HIV/AIDS to make people live longer. However, as this treatment is very expensive, every patient needs financial assistance to go through it. In this scenario, the plan offered by Star Health is a great solace. So, recommend the above-mentioned health insurance plan in India for someone diagnosed with HIV positive status.

to combat this lethal disease.

Among them, some insurers highlight the HIV/AIDS illness as an exclusion in their guidelines and many clearly reject to cover them altogether. Those who offer, charge a very high premium. This disease doesn’t even get covered after passing the waiting period. However, a few months back an insurer called Star Health finally came forward to offer a decent health policy for HIV positive patients. This is a huge relief for many HIV positive patients as the treatment charge of AIDS is exorbitantly high.


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