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How to Read the Yojana Magazine to prepare for the IAS Exam?


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Making a reading of the Yojana Magazine to prepare for the IAS Exam adds to the preparation in a substantial manner for the magazine is published every month by the Government of India. Needless to say, the magazine presents the Indian Government’s opinions on any issue.


Why read the Yojana Magazine?

As already said above, the Yojana Magazine provides the reader with the government’s view on various issues. Besides, it also provides the data and a logically convincing analysis for the same.


Reading the magazine would help you sharpen your answer writing skills a great deal. For example, it will be a great help when it comes to face the Essay Paper for the Mains, Civil Services Exam.


The Yojana Magazine analyzes each of the topics considering all the logically convincing perspectives by various people from varying backgrounds. The Magazine covers a considerable portion of the syllabus for the Mains (specifically the General Studies Papers) prescribed by UPSC for the Civil Services Exam.


Also, you would get to read the relevant information concerning the government schemes, and policy initiatives, apart from various other government initiatives recently launched by the government.


For the sake of convenience for the readers, a link is given below to download the Yojana Magazine.


How to Read the Yojana Magazine for the IAS Preparation?
It is one of the key resources for the Civil Services aspirants. There have been changes in the UPSC syllabus, apart from the Exam pattern. Thus, the type of the questions that the Union Public Service Commission has been asking over the years are far from being answered well if you simply make use of the static resources while you prepare for the Civil Services Exam. And that explains why it helps to read or hear the news with a sharp critical insight into the current socio-economic issues if you aim at an outstanding performance while you face the CSE.


How to make the best use of the Yojana Magazine for UPSC 2020?
It is advisable to focus on quality rather than the quantity for the syllabus prescribed by UPSC for the CSE is too vast to allow you to find time to read all that interests you. Thus, it is advisable to read the Yojana Magazine rather than all you can lay your hands on.


Why does Yojana Magazine score an edge over other magazines?

Preferring the Yojana Magazine over others provides you with a number of advantages. And the major ones are stated below:


The facts are credible. Besides, you may quote the data while you pen down the answers in the Civil Services Exam for it is the I&B Ministry, i.e., the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the Government of India that publishes the Magazine.

The views presented by the Magazine are not only balanced and detailed, but presented by the experts, e.g., members of the Niti Aayog.

The Magazine is available easily at an economical price.

Every issue of the monthly Magazine carries a different theme that is India-centric, apart from being socio-economic.

How to align the Yojana Magazine with UPSC syllabus for CSE?

It is important to note that the Indian Government does not publish the Yojana Magazine for the Civil Services aspirants so that they may clear the Civil Services Exam successfully. However, when you consider the Exam perspective, reading some parts of the Magazine is likely to leave a highly good impact on your preparation for the Civil Services Exam.


Also, in case if you have not been making and/or compiling notes for the socio-economic issues, reading the Yojana Magazine would make up a great deal for the same.


Opting for a preparation strategy including reading the Yojana Magazine should take care of:


Reading at least 12-15 publications of the Magazine helps considerably while preparing for the Civil Services Exam. For example, the Mains for CSE, UPSC is to be conducted in the month of September in the year 2020. Thus, it is advisable to read the Yojana Magazine beginning from the July 2019 issues till the current date.

As already stated above, each of the issues of the Magazine carries a specific theme, the reader not only gets a detailed information, but also a critical insight into the same. If you want to optimize your reading, it is advisable that you read NCERT books as well to gain crystal clear concepts for all the basics. Writing down notes including the relevant points from both, the Magazine as well as the NCERT books would be an added advantage.

It is good to read the note from the desk of the Chief Editor. You would find it in the beginning of every issue. It might help set the tone for your reading the entire issue. Besides, the note establishes a lucid link among various issues and the various initiatives taken by the government. And, to top it all, the entire content of the Magazine is well balanced as per the theme and the various perspectives.

It is advisable to read and re-read every issue of the Magazine several times. Besides, it would help considerable if you focus on the:




bulleted and

highlighted points in

all of the articles multiple times.

It would be in the best interests of an IAS aspirant to go through the past years’ question papers first so that they get a broad idea of the type of questions that can be asked. Thus, it would help you read the Magazine from the same perspective, optimizing your reading, every time you read it.

First of all, it is only logical that you identify various topics. Then proceed further reading the sub-topics and the keywords. Now, categorize the same as per various papers of the Mains, Civil Services Exam.

For example, if an edition of the Magazine focuses upon the theme of unemployment in India, various articles in it might be partially or completely concerned with:


the demographic dividend

various government initiatives for direct or indirect promotion of employment (MSME growth, Skill certification, etc.)

organised and unorganised sectors in the Indian economy and the problems therein

co-relation of health and education with employment, etc.

employment scenarios analysed in the rural-urban dichotomy or continuum

Besides, it is worth noting that various development issues are also covered by the UPSC syllabus for GS-I. In the same vein, various Government schemes form a part of the syllabus for the GS-II. Similarly, Indian economy is a part of the syllabus for GS-III. Moreover, the entire socio-economic platform for the development of a country cannot be ignored when we talk of various perspectives for the Essay paper.


Besides, reading the Yojana Magazine contributes a lot when you are preparing for the Prelims and the Interview. However, while you prepare for various Papers for the Mains, reading the Yojana Magazine leaves a tremendous impact. It is already made clear above concerning the GS Papers and the Essay Paper for the mains.


What should you avoid while reading the Yojana Magazine?

Till now, we had been discussing as to what should be focussed upon while reading the Yojana Magazine? However, it is advisable to know what you should not be reading so as to save your time. Being selective would further add to make you preparation for the Civil Services Exam successful to a greater extent.


Here is what you should not be focussing on while reading the Yojana Magazine?

Knowing what is to be avoided while reading the Yojana Magazine is also to be considered, apart from what should be read with great sincerity. Some of the areas that should not be focussed upon are as listed below:


Individual achievements that are over-emphasized.

The location(s) where a specific technology or concept was applied for the first time.

Transformation of the Rural India by employing one or more of the digital technologies

Any inconvenient facts concerning child health

Non-communicable diseases vs. Development in India

It should be noted that the more you read, the more advantageous it would be for you to prepare well for the Civil Services Exam.



FAQs for Yojana Magazines

What is Yojana Magazine?

Yojana Magazine is an educational magazine, part of an official venture by the Government of India. This magazine is produced on a monthly basis and sponsored by the Government. There is one edition published each month, themed on the socio-economic culture of India. As the edition is monthly, it contains the current affairs of the country, which is significant for the UPSC examination.


Why is Yojana Magazine better than other commercial magazines?

Yojana Magazine is sourced from the Government and all the views and topics being discussed in the magazine are credible and authentic. The information of the magazine are accurate and verified by reputable authorities such as Niti Aayog and IAS toppers. The magazine is not biased and centrally focussed on India’s socio-economic development.


How is Yojana Magazine relevant for the UPSC examination?

Civil Service Examination requires a rigorous understanding of India’s current affairs, which can be obtained from this magazine. Apart from that, the descriptive discussions on different social and economic aspects of the country help IAS aspirants for preparing for the Essay writing section and General Studies section of UPSC mains examination.


How to read Yojana Magazine for IAS preparation?

While subscribing to monthly editions of Yojana Magazine, readers should complement it with NCERT textbooks. The aspirants should select UPSC relevant topics only and for further reference and future study, the candidate should take detailed notes while repeatedly reading the magazines.


Where is Yojana Magazine available?

Yojana Magazine is available in offline bookstores at a budget-friendly price. The web version is absolutely free and available online. Furthermore, all the editions of Yojana Magazine are listed on this website for the convenience of our readers.


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