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iPhone 15 Ultra may feature a Titanium frame: Report | 4504

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iPhone 15 Ultra may feature a Titanium frame: Report

WhatsApp Image 2023 09 13 at 3.01.53 PM

The iPhone 14 series were launched just last month, and the leaks, rumours, and early expected specifications of the upcoming iPhone 15 series have already surfaced around the web. There is nearly one year remaining for the series launch, and as per their iterations, they are expected to arrive in September 2023. It is too early to rely upon the leaks and rumours for the iPhone 15 series, as Apple is known for last-moment changes. The tipsters and leakers have already gathered the necessary information about the series.

Previously, some of them claimed that the iPhone 15 series (Especially the iPhone 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max), this time, will finally feature a USB Type-C Port. Though according to the leaks, there will be no ‘Pro Max’ variant this time, and instead, Apple will catch up with the title for it as ‘iPhone 15 Ultra‘. The device is expected to carry out top-of-the-line specifications as far as the leaks go. Now, the build quality of the device is out.

In his tweet, a well-known whistleblower, LeaksApplePro, said, “The iPhone 15 Ultra will be made out of titanium.” Considering the legacy of leaks 90% right and his revelations about the accuracy of the leaks from the past few years, we can expect a change to the body and frames of the iPhone 15 Ultra. So, the device’s middle metal frame will likely be made of titanium alloy instead of Stainless Steel. This will be a reserved surprise Apple might be planning for their fans to astonish them on the launch day.

The primary advantage of Titanium Alloy over stainless steel or aluminium is the improved durability and more scratch resistance of the iPhone without adding extra weight to the device. The metal used in the iPhone 14 series makes them noticeably heavy, especially the Pro variants. And as the Titanium is lighter, the weight of a particular device will gradually decrease.

However, Apple is already using Titanium metal on its premium Watch — the Apple Watch Ultra, which has a titanium casing. In addition, Apple has been testing Titanium frames for iPhones in the past. So, this might be the first implementation with the iPhone 15 Ultra. With this, the device adopts the use of Titanium in its construction, reducing the weight and strengthening the durability of the device.

Titanium is comparatively more expensive than Stainless Steel or Aluminum. Still, as the iPhone 15 Ultra is said to be Apple’s most premium device yet, we may witness the implementation of the Titanium frames with it.

Despite the mid-frames expected to be made of Titanium metal, the front and back of the device will be made of glass only. With this, the iPhone 15 Ultra is expected to pack some exclusive features segregating between the series.

Still, it is too early to rely on the leak. But we may see the iPhone 15 Ultra using a Titanium frame next year.

What do you expect from the following year’s iPhone 15 series? Do you want a premium device from Apple which will increase the cost of the same? And also, what do you feel about the midframe of the iPhone 15 Ultra? Do tell us in the comments section below. And also, be connected with us for more Apple leaks.


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