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Is Disney Plus Cracking Down on Password Sharing? | 4108

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Is Disney Plus Cracking Down on Password Sharing?

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Streaming services have become the go-to source of entertainment over the last few years. A few months ago, Netflix introduced a crackdown on password sharing. This means that users will no longer be able to log into different devices unless those devices belong to the same household. This left users enraged.

But the outcomes still turned out to be in Netflix’s favour, as it saw a massive increase of approximately 6 million subscribers in its user base after implementing this decision. And it seems like that was enough green flag for other brands to follow suit.

Disney CEO announces crackdown on password sharing for Disney Plus

A couple of days ago, the CEO of Disney made an announcement. In that announcement, he explained how the decision to introduce a crackdown on password sharing would be helpful from the business perspective for the brand. And considering Netflix’s massive achievement, that much is unfortunately true.

And the issue does not stop here. If Disney succeeds and gets away with this, two of the biggest streaming services will go down the line of anti-consumerism. And that will eventually set a path for others to follow, all at the expense of user welfare. And the series of events does not end even there.

All of this will undoubtedly lead to a heightened number of people relying on pirated content. That will prove to be a major loss for the people who created that content in the first place. We can all see how everyone is at a major disadvantage, except these large streaming sites.

Users enraged

A few days ago, the prices of Disney Plus were also raised. Pair that with this recent decision; the users are at a total loss. Disney has received severe backlash since then, and rightfully so.

Many users are also strongly considering cancelling their subscriptions. And, as mentioned earlier, piracy becomes a reasonable option for them.

At this point, we can only wait to see how strict Disney makes the password-sharing policy. We hope they reconsider their decision, but there is little light on this hope.


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