It is necessary to have a written vs. yes attribute.


It is necessary to have a written vs. yes attribute.

Once the job description is complete, the next step is to decide what kind of manpower is required to carry out these tasks. A job description is a description of the qualities and skills and qualifications required of a person performing each job to perform it properly. This is also called task specificity or task specification. It considers educational qualification (formal as well as informal) or practical experience in similar work and mandatory physical attributes. Some of these qualifications, qualifications or attributes are


required, while others are expected. Individuals who lack the necessary qualities are ineligible to perform a particular task as it cannot be performed due to their lack of it. Other desirable qualities may not be necessary but their presence may lead to better performance. So it is. There is a tendency to give preference to a person with desired qualities.

While the appointment of a person to perform a particular job requires certain qualities from the beginning, some qualities may be acquired while doing the actual work. While determining the expected qualifications and qualities, one has to consider whether these qualifications and qualities match the job description and match the ‘real’ situation. As such, many graduates end up doing menial jobs indefinitely after not getting the job they want. Therefore, it will not be correct to say that the educational qual


ification means university degree in the job description. The description and description of each job that there are many types of jobs in an organization means that after job analysis, job classification is done to create different groups of jobs that require the same or similar skill level. Generally equal pay is arranged for group work.

Briefly, performance or precision is the qualification, aptitude, physical and intellectual quality that a person possesses to perform the duties of his job and perform effectively.

It is necessary to have a written vs. yes attribute.

The primary preparation of the job description is to prepare a list of the functions and their status in the organization. Generally, this information includes physical characteristics, intellectual characteristics, emotional social characteristics, and behavior.


(1) Physical Clarity : Physical specialization involves physical qualification or physical aptitude which may vary from job to job. Physical ability qualification relates to physical characteristics like height, weight, vision, hearing, ability to lift weights, ability to use heavy equipment, etc.


(2) Intellectual Level: Ability to reason in intellectual precision, ability to interpret information correctly to perform mathematical calculations, habit of documenting information, knowledge of using electrical equipment, planning knowledge, reading habit, scientific aptitude, decision-making ability, concentration, handling of different factors. These qualities include artistic skills, general intelligence, etc


(3) Emotional and social specialization Emotional and social specialization is of great importance for a person working in the positions of management inspectors and supervisors and production managers, etc. These include emotional stability, flexibility, social attitude in human relations, personal affect, dress, presentation of personality, voice required for work, etc.


(4) Behavioral specification The organizational framework is of utmost importance in the selection of persons to work in higher positions or behavioral specification. In the specification, the special qualities of managers are not given much importance in explaining their behavior. Individual’s decisiveness, research interest, action teaching skills, initiative to accept responsibility, superiority, personal command style, attitude to understand a person or a problem, patience, temperament


The idea of ​​task specification is from the following graph.

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