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Keep Your Business Protected With Van Insurance

Plumbers, electricians, carpenters and many more businesses rely on their vehicles to get them to and from customers to carry out work on-site. This means that their vehicle is probably the most important asset of their business, providing them with transport and a place to keep tools and equipment.

The best van insurance will keep your business safe as you travel on the road to and from clients on a daily basis. Of course in order to drive on the road you need a driving license and adequate cover to be completely legal, so having protection in cover is a must have product.

The first thing you want to ensure is protected is the vehicle. When choosing cover, whether approaching a broker directly or using an online application, you will have to select from three options.

The first of these options is third party cover. This protects you in the event of an accident. Though it only protects third party vehicles and does not protect your vehicle in any way. This is the most basic cover available.

Then there is the third party, fire and theft cover. This is the same as third party with the addition of protecting your vehicle against theft and fire. Again, if you are involved in an accident, this level of cover will not protect your vehicle, which means any repairs or replacement is to be paid for out of your own wallet.

The best van insurance is comprehensive cover. This level of cover protects you in the event of an accident by cover your vehicle and any third party vehicles or property. It also covers you against fire and theft and is the highest level of cover available, saving you money in the long run.

Because you will carry your tools and equipment with you at all times, you want to ensure these are protected should they be damaged during an accident or stolen while you sit with a customer providing them with a quote for work.

Replacing your tools can be an expensive exercise if you don’t have the right level of cover in place. In the event your vehicle is broken into and your tools are stolen, you can have the repairs to the vehicle and tools replaced with one quick and easy phone call and a fast claims process.

When looking for the best van insurance you want to find out about your excess options. Some companies will allow you to pay what is called “voluntary excess.” This enables you to pay a lower premium amount and a higher excess amount should you ever need to claim. This is ideal for companies that haven’t claimed for many years but still require a good level of cover to keep them protected on a daily basis.

There are other ways to keep your premium down. If you aren’t the only driver for the business that uses the vehicle, ensure all drivers are over twenty five and have clean driving licenses. Younger drivers are considered a risk to insurers as they are more likely to have an accident. This also applies to drivers with convictions and penalty points on their licenses. So keep it clean and older and you can enjoy more affordable premiums.

Ask the insurer if they will take your no claims into consideration. If you have had a private auto policy for years and have built up years of no claims, they may take this into consideration when providing you with a quote, as you are seen as a safe risk to their business.

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