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Look Beyond Traditional Ways to Take Care of Your Newborn Baby

A newborn baby brings bundles of joy and happiness in the family. When a baby is born, it is said that the parents are blessed with the baby. This statement in itself is sufficient to explain the importance of a newborn in the family.

It is the prime responsibility of parents to take care of the newborn in the best possible manner. There are times, when a baby requires to go through some immediate medical care in order to adjust as per the world. Sometimes, babies are born with some birth related issues and thus, require treatment.

In India, a large number of people get health plans so that their health care needs are met. If you are working in private sector, then your company may have taken a group insurance policy under which maternity is covered comprehensively.

But, most of the times, medical insurance including the group insurance policies do not cover a newborn baby. The reasons are quite apparent. There are lot of possibilities that a newborn requires medical treatment immediately after birth and thus insurance companies do not want to spend their revenues on such well-recognised possibilities.

Is there any way out? Yes, of course, if your employer’s group health insurance policy does not cover newborn baby, do not worry. There are some specific health plans, which cover newborn babies right from the birth.

In order to avail this facility, you have to buy a separate policy. Star Comprehensive Insurance, for instance, is one such policy which covers delivery related complications as well as the newborn baby.

The plan covers delivery whether it is normal or caesarean plus all the pre-natal and post-natal expenses are also covered up to a certain limit. This limit is ascertained as per the amount of premium you pay.

The plan also covers vaccination of the child. Yes, only a handful of plans cover vaccination because that is a sure shot expenditure one must incur.

The only thing which you have to take care is that you have to be the policy holder for at least thirty six months prior to taking the above benefits.

Religare also offers a health insurance plan called ‘Joy’, which covers maternity as well as newborn baby without any condition on a specific period.

If you have any other Medical plan, then you must check its conditions. Most of the times, policies provide coverage to newborn babies after 90 days of delivery. This way, a health insurance companies saves itself from settling claims arising out of health care for the newborn baby.

Comparing health insurance plans is a cake walk, today. Just visit a credible insurance comparison portal and shortlist the best-possible plans. The best part is that you can buy your insurance plans online and make payment through credit card. This provides you benefits of cash back and credit period offered by credit cards.

Plus, you become eligible for better coverage and facilities since your health insurance company does not have to pay hefty commission to an insurance agent. This benefit is passed on to you, in many ways.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are expecting a baby in your family, go for a health insurance plan and bury the worry!


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