Looking at the creation of G.U, Narlikar hopes


Looking at the creation of G.U, Narlikar hopes

Looking at the creation of G.U, Narlikar hopes that we can overcome all these problems. The rapid increase in the means of communication, the new ones, all these scientific miracles have happened. There is no difference between rich and poor.


It is possible to benefit from scientific action in a systematic way. How a war is systematically decided by diplomats, factories make weapons. Soldiers, commandos, spies and various individuals go their separate ways. Then the attack succeeds. There should be a similar methodological classification on many issues in the country. This requires scientists who worship pure science. Other scientists should consider how the saree of the research community can be implemented. Technicians need to put this idea into practice. Educated people should create an environment conducive to progress by explaining the benefits of science to the society. That will make even the common man feel the sweetness of science and welcome his new ideas.


Coconut growers emphasize on two points in this regard. The first point is that science should be popularized, that the curiosity of the common yangs should be conveyed to them in scientific formulas without being entangled in complicated formulas. No matter how good a scientist is in his field, few who are fortunate enough to know this skill should devote some time to taking science to the general level, and another important point is that we should not underestimate the importance of pure science. If one were to say that the chain of spending on basic research in pure science is unaffordable to underdeveloped nations, it would be a very narrow mindset. In this regard, Dr. Homi Bhabha had said that the basic research is to explore the nature trade and the structure of the real world. Whether the knowledge gained from it is useful in practice or not. Yet such research and the institutions that do it are of great importance to society. Because it teaches the intelligent young generation to solve problems with a clear vision. The last world war has shown that people who have been trained in this way are a valuable asset to that society.


The knowledge of the universe will be used by someone sometime in the future. But at the same time, every new knowledge improves our previous knowledge. Recognizing this by all the leading countries, they have encouraged basic research. If you ignore this now, you will always have to import new ideas from the country. It would be against our policy of self-sufficiency, India has the load of intelligence for basic research. Most of it is wasted. With the right support for basic research, this same intelligence will work and, if not immediately, will give you permanent benefits over time. Suppose a country has huge reserves of oil in its soil. Now it costs a lot to find these reserves, so if they quit, it would not be possible for such a country to continue importing oil permanently.

Basic research doesn’t cost as much as you think. We just have to be more discriminating with the help we render toward other people. Government research alone does not work. The common man too must overcome the superstitions that have run the gamut from time to time, with new scientific ideas, by making the right changes in his approach. In Nehru’s own words, “Science gives us more ability to know the truth, increases the efficiency of the mind, weighs the evidence; rudies can be overcome. Only when we become economically and politically independent will our opinions begin to work again. ”


Finally, expressing his views on the misuse of scientific discoveries, Narlikar says that the overuse of science and technology has led to some disadvantages in the leading countries. Awareness of the dangers of pollution, drug addiction, and family problems should be kept in mind to solve our problems with the help of science. Developed countries are often referred to as ‘intelligent barbarians’ or ‘technologically uncivilized peoples’. We should not end up in this thing and this is where our help can be found in our culture in which all the wisdom of our ancestors has been stored for many centuries. Narlikar finally expresses his optimism that if we do not close our eyes to the norms and traditions and do not allow our eyes to shine with the help of science, then our nation will enter the 21st century with great achievements and victorious minds. In this way, science will be useful to solve the problems in our lives, said the coconut growers.

How was science born? Science has been created out of man’s curiosity about nature. ‘What?’, ‘How?’ And science was born out of the question ‘why?’ And finding the answers to it.


The process of science is carried out in the manner of ‘Experimental Observation Findings’. The first experiment is done. Next step is to observe the results of the experiments. The previous motive is quite clear. The results are qualitative or numerical. If the results are numerical, then many sets of statistics are in hand. It is checked whether any diagram is expressed from these figures. ‘Message’ and ‘noise’ have to be separated from each other. Even if there is a speech or a beginning in the background of a noise, we hear the ‘speech’ or ‘tone’ paying attention, excluding the noise. As the noise increases, it becomes harder to ‘hear’ the desired sound. These examples from acoustics are accurate here. ‘Reference’ is a specific structure, sequence or regularity of figures represented by figures. Apart from this, the rest of the numbers are ‘noise.


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