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Marketing includes all efforts to transfer ownership of goods 0


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Marketing includes all efforts to transfer ownership of goods

Marketing includes all efforts to transfer ownership of goods and services as well as their distribution in physical form.”

According to Pal and Mazur “Marketing is

To provide a living standard.”

William J. According to Stanton “Marketing is the process of integrating interrelated business activities necessary to plan, price, distribute, and increase sales of goods and services that meet the needs of current and potential customers.”


According to Kandik and Still “Marketing is the business process by which the produced goods are marketed and through which the transfer of ownership is effected.”


According to Philip Kotler “Marketing is the beginning and the end of all business activities.


It includes all human activities. ” From the above definitions the following characteristics of markets

Characteristics of Marketing

Can be told.

(1) Marketing is a business process. Profit by buying and selling goods and services

(2) At the request of the consumer in this process

Goods and services are provided. (3) Marketing process is not only concerned with buying and selling. It includes all the operations of raw materials from production of goods to delivery of goods to consumers.


(4) Marketing is the process of satisfying customers and increasing their number. (5) Marketing achieves the following.

(a) Goods are made available when they are required.

(b) The goods are made available at the place where they are used

(1) The object is given to those who are busy with it.

(4) According to modern idea Vs

Customer satisfaction first and foremost

This principle is advocated.


1.2.3 Difference between market and marketing.

Both the terms market and marketing are used interchangeably. But both these sets of ‘means are weak. The following explanation will clarify the difference between these two terms.


The term market is used in a limited sense. Earlier there used to be a certain amount of buying and selling. But in modern times, due to the advancement in means of transportation and communication, market is where buyers and sellers come close to each other through means of communication and carry out buying and selling transactions. A market also includes a specific location. That is, the market is a mechanism that determines the price, works on the factors of supply and demand. This activity is continuously carried out in the market to ensure that customers, sellers or goods are at the same place for buying and selling transactions. No.


The term marketing is used in a broad sense. It includes all movements in the continuous flow of goods between producers and consumers. So marketing is a process. That is, movement of goods is important in marketing. Once the price is determined, the goods are transferred from the seller to the customer.


Market is the basis of sale of goods or services. Place and time utility can be created in goods and the transfer of manufactured goods becomes the state. Market and marketing are two important aspects to keep the activity of products and goods in regular use.Therefore, the production volume is reduced. As a result unemployment increases. A balance between production and consumption is necessary to avoid this situation. Marketing balances and stabilizes the economy.

Marketing is an economic process. This creates ownership, place and time utility in goods and services, thus creating demand for goods and services. Various functions of marketing create utility. For example, where exchange transfers ownership. Transportation creates land utility while storage creates land utility. This adds value to goods and services. Goods and services can be supplied at the right time, at the right place, at the right price.

(2) Marketing and Organization

Marketing brings various benefits to all types of business organizations. The following idea

(a) Revenue is derived from sales The profit of a business organization depends on its revenue. Also on profit depends the future of business organizations, various activities of forest can make the organization earn, marketing provides market for goods and services. It can also create and fulfill needs. Taxes on production of goods and legal expenses to organizations

The future of the business depends on the decision taken. But, the decision has to be made. Marketing systems can be used by producers to make various decisions. This enables manufacturers to make the right decisions. This decision makes the business flourish.

(e) Innovation leads to innovation and change

A modern economy is a dynamic economy. There are changes in the economy. There are constant changes in consumer preferences, demand, prices, organization etc. Businesses have to make decisions periodically to adapt to these changes. The product needs to be changed according to the preferences of the customers. New customers, new products, new markets, new methods, etc. have to be constantly explored. Marketing provides information about the product through various factors. According to this we can fill our existence tibur by changing the product.

Questions for Self Study- 2

(a) State the following sentences as true or false. (1) Marketing raises the standard of living.

(2) Marketing increases unemployment.

(3) Loss of meaning (4) Production and consumption due to consumption

An imbalance occurs. (b) Write the answers to the following questions.

(1) Due to market

Does it raise?

(2) Why does marketing stabilize the economy?

(3) What type of utility is produced by marketing?


(4) How to use marketing to make.

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