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Minecraft 1.21: Everything We Know So Far | 4131

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Minecraft 1.21: Everything We Know So Far

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The Minecraft community is always excited for the next major update, and version 1.20, Trails and Tales, did not disappoint with its many new and improved additions. However, many are excited about the game’s future update.

The Minecraft community has already started discussing what they hope to see in the next 1.21 release. This article will discuss what the Minecraft 1.21 update could bring and its release date. Let’s dive in!

Minecraft 1.21 Release Window (Expected)

  • Minecraft 1.21 might be released in June 2024.

With the Trails and Tales update release, which kicked off the 1.20 update catalogue, Minecraft has transitioned between major versions for around a year. After a year of waiting, Minecraft released version 1.20.

Given how Mojang has recently stuck to an annual cycle for major updates, releasing the Wild Update in June 2022 and then Trails and Tales in June 2023, we can reasonably speculate that the next big update after Trails and Tales will arrive in June 2024.

On the other hand, if there are fewer minor updates inside the major version, the major version update process can be sped up.

Minecraft 1.21: What Can We Expect?

While nothing is official yet, we do have some predictions and expectations for what is to come with the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update. Let’s explore that.

A Reddit user named u/ZION_Minecraft started a debate by asking users what they hope to see in Minecraft 1.21. Over 200 comments poured in within the first few hours, and the response was terrific. Currently, over 1100 users have shared their thoughts on the post.

Numerous players have voiced their desire for an “End Update” or “Dungeon Update.” These ideas attempt to breathe new life into the dungeons and final dimension, which haven’t seen significant changes in quite some time.

The community’s call for a Badlands patch also received considerable attention. Some players think the Badlands are pretty fine the way they are, while others think other biomes need an update.

Many gamers have supported changes to the End and the Dungeons, requesting adjustments to the game’s background music and lighting. The players appear eager for these alterations to go live with the 1.21 patch.

Looking at the Minecraft community, several ideas and themes surfaced for the next release. Players have noticed that several game elements need modernisation, including dungeons, strongholds, and biomes.

In particular, gamers were interested in the End dimension, expecting it to receive an overhaul comparable to the Nether update in version 1.16.

The 1.19 patch added a new intriguing area called the Deep Dark. Players who work with their hands believe Mojang might capitalise on new opportunities in this biome with the 1.21 upgrade.

The uncommon Badlands biome also piqued users’ interest, with some speculating that the area could eventually host themed communities and more content. It is currently unknown what Mojang will implement in the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 version, although gamers continue to guess and share their thoughts.


The Minecraft 1.21 update is perhaps not coming until Summer 2024. Even though there is still a long way to go before its debut, the community’s comments and expectations offer essential insights into what gamers anticipate from Minecraft 1.21.

We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the release of Minecraft 1.21. Keep on mining and building in Minecraft till then!


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