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News of event/incidents which have something unusual, characteristic or heart touching or humorous content may not be given literal headline. That news is important in terms of human tendency. Hence it is called Human Interest Story. There is a way to frame such news.


(15) As important as the writing of the news is its layout and posture in the newspaper. Printing techniques have now developed to such an extent that the readability and effectiveness of the news can be enhanced with the help of stamps. For that, the news writer should have knowledge of Typography. What shape and size of stamps to use for news headline, gross details, fine details; What type of capitalization should paragraph headings be; He should also be able to give instructions about how much space should be left between stamps.


The truth of an event seen or heard is first cultivated through the medium of writing and then through the medium of print and reaches the readers in the form of effective news.


Sample News : (1) Dowry Ban : Innovative Procession.


Bhandara, dt. 16 Students of Bhandanya took out an innovative procession yesterday to demand ban on dowry system. Dowry seventy thousand rupees by riding a fake bridegroom with a shaved head on a donkey, T. V. Set, Marti Motor etc. A placard with demands was given in his hand. Students also participated in this procession. Lawyer Mr. Under the leadership of Chiman Thakur and Prof. Joshi, Prof. The procession led by Kalbandhe and Tukaram Thote took place at Gandhi Chowk. There women performed the Holi of symbols of dowry.


(2) Chaos in Mumbai by tearing the skies: Traffic destroyed


Mumbai, Friday 26 Mumbaikars who had to run with the clockwork and the wheels of local carriages were hit hard today by torrential rains and life in the industrial capital of the country came to a complete standstill. The intensity of rain which started from Thursday evening increased rapidly after this morning. Meanwhile, a freight train derailed near Kalyan, and the traffic coming to Mumbai from both the directions of Pune and Nashik was stopped. After 12 noon, the traffic on the three railway lines namely Central, Western and Harbor was stopped due to the Varunaraja malfunction. Roads turned into lakes and buses, cars, rickshaws got stuck in it. Due to the lack of electricity in the areas, there was darkness at night. As torrential rain started again in the night, the hopes of thousands of stranded Mumbaikars to reach home were dashed.


Literary qualities can also be embodied in objective writing


It is true that news should be written objectively. However, there are some occasions and events that the heart of the reporter can become serious. He recounted his experience of that event, looking at it


Bhumika, his nuanced vision and characteristic style of detailing can make news writing very persuasive and poignant. This is evident from the quality newspaper stories written on earthquakes, floods, ministry fires, attacks on parliament, etc.


News writing for radio and television


Since radio and television are visual and audio media respectively, the writing format for them is different. News on air does not always hold the listeners’ full attention, so important news items need to be titled in advance and then the title of each news item needs to be repeated and given details. Since the audience listening to the news is mixed, here too the language of the news has to be very simple. A method has to be kept for the writing of the news on Akashvani which is a simple statement in simple words. Due to the strict time constraints of radio and television announcements, the news has to be kept as succinct as possible.


A television narrator communicates with the audience through the medium of sight and sound, appearing on the screen. This has a natural effect on his language as well. Therefore, the presentation of this news should be in a more simple and natural language. Moreover, it is also necessary to keep the statement consistent with the events that are to be shown to complement the news.

Who has said that ‘News organizations are the fourth pillar of the state organization’ and why

The thinker Carlyle has said that media is the fourth estate of the kingdom. Their reason is as follows. Newspapers, Radio and Television are very influential mass media. But the nature of the transmission thereby achieved is instantaneous. It cannot be heard, seen or heard again. Even if today’s newspaper is stale tomorrow, it can be seen the next day. It has reference value. The printed news cannot be overlooked by the responsible parties. Moreover, the place of newspapers in the life of a profound society is always unique. Newspapers are doing the work of social awareness and at the same time curbing the affairs of the society and the government. Therefore, it is said that ‘the statesmen have always feared the newspaper more than the gun’.

What is the difference between newspapers and magazines?


Answer:- Newspapers and periodicals are called Print Mass Media. But there is a difference between the two. Those published at specific but regular intervals are called periodicals. Newspapers are also periodicals in this sense. But both differ in purpose and nature. We read the daily happenings in various spheres of life like politics, social causes, economics, trade and industry and so on from newspapers. Publication of periodicals gets more time than newspapers. So by reflecting on the phenomenon of a subject.


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