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Now the first thing you will need is an application

Hello guys and friends welcome to our another new block post today in today’s video but we are going to learn how to edit a video so guys you should watch the video till the end as I have told you everything in the video how to edit the video ok guys Very easy more difficult but no you just watch the video till the end and process step by step as i told you step by step process

Now the first thing you will need is an application that is the name of the application is alert motion then download the application and open it I have given you the link of the application below ok then after opening this application then now I will see you below markane effect two buttons If enabled, click on both buttons and import the header link into your Alert Machine application.

Then we should download all materials and open the file immediately, because in today’s video, if I have used as many photos as PNG etc., you will find all the photos PNG etc. in the folder. Now, without delay, let’s start editing our today’s video



So friends, if your first beta is a previous project, open the previous project, then open the project, then, friends, if you are given a plus button below, then click on that button and enter the media option, then from there, friends. I have made a clerical video for you before that, friends, you have to take your photo, after taking the photo, click on the photo, then if the size of your photo is small, you will be given three or two above to zoom the photo, then click on them, then click on the name of the number five and zoom the photo from there. Drag the photo to your next island

After that, we used to come to the beginning of our video and click on the plus button to enter the media option and from there I made a lyric video for you in black color and take that video. Click on the option and then make the video on the screen from there. After the video is on the screen, you should not see the next part of the video. But you have to wear it right

After that, friends, no matter how many beatmucks I have put on you, all you have to do is upload your photos. You used to go to the first beatmuck and click on the plus button to enter the media option. If you want to cut from there, you have to meet all the photos and then adjust the size. That’s how I told you to cut all the photos.
So, after putting all the photos and so on to your friends, what you have to do now is to click the H+ button on your first betmak and come to the media option. After taking the blending and officer option click on the option and from there make the video in the screen then after the video in the screen friends now what you have to do is at the end of the video after it comes to the end now if there is any part of the next end of the video then cut it Still had to top our first bet mark


Then again click on plus plus better and come to media option and take a Shadu PNG from there then drag it to the end of the Shadu PNG and click on PNG tomorrow then click on three roads and from there click on the name of number five and zoom to that PNG to be done

Then click on the plus button of your first bitmap image and come to the media option. After that, if I fill you with the PNG of Imogen, then take the PNG of emojis, then drag it to the PNG, but to the end, then you should put all the photos with PNG etc. In the beginning, click on the plus button and come to the media option, and friends, after taking a border pen from there, drag the border pinky to the end, then in this way, you should attach all the photos, videos, etc. ok guys

Now friends, now whatever you have now put the photo of the beat but it is not the photo of the beatmuk amount, now we have to paste the effect, now to paste the effect, now whatever other link you have imported, the effect will become a project of that effect. First we have to open


Now come back and then open the project of your effect, if it is the first photo, then click on the first photo, in the option called effect, click on 32 and copy the first photo from there, then again open your beatmuck project. After coming down, now, friends, now you have put a big photo below the video, if the big size comes up, click on that photo, come to the option called effect, click on it thrice and then paste the photo from there. Now again, friends. Open your effects project
Now, if it is your number two photo, you should copy it separately, then again, you should open your meeting, then open the project. Even if the photos are pasted like beatmak parm, then all the photos should be pasted with patapat hawala effect.

So friends, now you can see that I have pasted the effect on all the photos that I had applied till the end, as you can see, you can paste this effect on all the photos, then after pasting all the photos, you can see your video made. So now once you check the video whether it is correct or not then after the video etc. is filled friends now if you hear a share above to save this video then click on whether it is share or not then you will be given a big export name below. Click on that big export name and then it will start working on you

So friends this is our video for today if you like the video then like our youtube channel if you are new to the channel then subscribe to the channel and friends make sure you share the link of the video with your friends then friends see you in our next video until the rest of us Read whatever block photos are uploaded to the website and learn editing

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