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ProCreate Undo and ColorDrop not working after the latest update | 4361


ProCreate Undo and ColorDrop not working after the latest update

WhatsApp Image 2023 09 03 at 5.30.21 PM

ProCreate is a popular graphic designing tool that appeals to a casual and hardcore professionals. The app is famous for wallpaper creation, and people have made beautiful wallpapers from this tool.

Many people view ProCreate as the best graphic design and digital art tool on iPads. iPads are slowly replacing physical pens and sketchbooks.

ProCreate won many awards and has millions of downloads, even though it’s a paid tool. ProCreate is intuitive and is fantastic for digital calligraphy, logo design, avatar design, comic drawing, etc.

Unfortunately, app optimisation sometimes goes wrong, and many people are now reporting bugs with the ProCreate app. This is likely an oversight from app developers or unprecedented errors because of inadequate testing.

Earlier, we covered a bug with ProCreate on the M2 iPad Pro, where the app faces problems with lag when you select a colour. Now, people report that they’re unable to use the undo function.

That’s just one of the two major complaints. Another one is that the ColorDrop feature is extremely buggy. ColorDrop lets you fill colour in specific shapes that you drew. Reports of this feature’s bugs are across Twitter and Reddit.

Instead of filling colour where you intend it to, it’s now filling up the entire page or filling colour up in areas you didn’t intend to. That’s frustrating for professional graphic designers. People rely on this for their workflows, and this creates many problems.

It gets worse since the undo feature isn’t working correctly too. If you try to undo the glitchy colour fill, it just doesn’t work. You’ll have to create a whole new whiteboard and restart your drawing, which is ridiculously inconvenient.

Fortunately, the ProCreate team is aware of these problems. Replying to someone’s tweet about bugs, the ProCreate team says they’re working on a fix as soon as possible. In the tweet, they also convey their apologies to ProCreate users.

There are some ways to try and solve these problems. A moderator on Reddit advises you to use the ColorDrop Threshold feature. This controls the amount of colour that bleeds into the edges of your artwork.

You can activate this by dragging the colour button over the area you want to fill, but don’t release it. A thin bar will show up, depicting the threshold amount. You’ll now have to drag your finger to adjust accordingly.

If you use a smaller threshold, the colour will restrict itself to smaller areas, and at more significant thresholds, it’ll break through the outlines. Unless you change it in the future, ColorDrop will remember your preferred threshold settings.

The moderator also recommends setting the threshold to 97.6% instead of 100% to avoid colour overflow. If you’re not interested in this complex workaround, people suggest filling in with your fingers instead of a stylus or the Apple Pencil.

You can also choose to constantly save your work every few seconds or minutes before the bugs ruin your artwork. You can choose to pause your work frequently as well.

Other methods include cleaning up the storage or restarting the app. You can try uninstallation and reinstallation of the ProCreate app too.

We hope the ProCreate team addresses the issue as soon as possible so that digital artists can get back to their work and casual users can have their entertainment. We’ll update you on any further info regarding the same.


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