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Reasons Due to Which People Avoid Buying Health Insurance in India | 3178


Reasons Due to Which People Avoid Buying Health Insurance in India

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The healthcare status in recent years has dropped severely. The surveys done by WHO and many other health organisations show that the major countries are the hub of diseases. The maximum population of India belongs to mediocre status and tends to ignore the health issues at the prior stage. They often overlook it until they face some significant disease. Various lifestyle illnesses have been in the news abundantly like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or lung or kidney diseases, etc.

Due to their economic status and lack of awareness, most people strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being in such an economic crunch, when someone faces any medical emergency, they panic. So it is recommended to have some assurance regarding the security of life or the essential financial support.

Relevance of Health Insurance

Health insurance has been in discussions lately. People have started considering its benefits and choose plans according to their needs. Health insurance is a better way of assuring financial support one can avail of at tough times. According to its special characteristics, health insurance provides money when the person is struggling with emergency conditions concerning the medical expenditure. Health insurance policies cover the high expenses of higher medical facilities, doctor or specialist’s fees, or pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation. So health insurance is the most relevant asset that a person can avail of. This also helps in keeping your savings intact for your future. Health insurance assures you treatment for the diseases it covers in its policy document.

Why Do People Avoid Buying Health Insurance?

Although health insurance has numerous benefits, people still avoid buying health insurance policies. Here are some of the possible reasons mentioned for which people do health insurance.

1. Expensive: Most people believe that health insurance is expensive. But the truth is with the rise in the cost of living, health insurance is not so expensive. It is even cheaper if you are young.

2. Appropriate Age: There is no appropriate age for having health insurance. Although the insured amount may have age limits, anyone can avail of the benefits of health insurance. Even senior citizens have special policies for them.

3. Lack of Awareness: People don’t put much effort into having health insurance policies due to a lack of awareness. Most people who don’t buy insurance do not know much about it. They face a lot of difficulties while attending to any medical emergency.

4. Wastage of Time: Many people consider having health insurance is a difficult and lengthy procedure. They avoid it because they feel, filling the documents and completing the procedure would take a lot of their time. But they don’t realise that this mere effort would result in providing health support at times of need.

5. Overconfidence: Some people think they would face any severe medical ailment. Even if we lead a healthy lifestyle, no one can predict the future. So the occurrence of medical emergencies cannot be estimated haphazardly.


India is a diverse country with people having a variety of perspectives. These perspectives cannot be changed in a day, but awareness is the key to great achievements. To understand the actual benefits of health insurance, one needs to have in-depth knowledge of how health insurance can be beneficial to us.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.


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