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Recharge Feature of Religare Care Health Insurance Plan

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When it comes to buying health insurance, choosing a reliable company is our first concern. Care Health Insurance (Religare) is among well-known health service providers in India. It offers different types of health insurance policies.

Among popular health insurance plans of Religare, “Care” is the first product. Some of the key benefits of this plan, which we will discuss later in this article, include:

  • Free health checkup once in a year
  • Recharge’ benefit up to 100% sum insured
  • Specialized treatment anywhere across the world
  • Add-on cover
  • No claim bonus
  • Pre-hospitalization
  • Post-hospitalization, etc.

Let’s understand the benefits of a unique ‘Recharge’ feature of ‘Care of Religare.

Recharge’ Feature of CARE Plan:

There are various features and inclusions when it comes to ‘Care’ product of Religare. But, ‘Recharge’ is the most useful and unique feature.

What is Recharge?

Literally, ‘Recharge’ features in Religare Health Insurance is referred to as ‘reloading.’ It means extra health insurance at no extra cost. This feature has been added to the ‘Care’ plan with the same intention.

Religare makes the reinstatement up to the sum insured of your current policy if your claim amount has exhausted in that year. However, you need to meet below-mentioned conditions.

Conditions to Get Benefits of Recharge

  • You can only use ‘Recharge’ feature in case of no claim bonus and sum assured are exhausted completely in your current policy year.
  • The recharge amount can’t exceed the sum insured of the policy year.
  • The facility is available for future claims only. It can’t entertain the policyholder in the injury or illness for which the claim was paid previously.
  • The balance of recharge is available throughout the policy year until it is completely exhausted.
  • In case of only one claim made in a specific policy year, you can’t utilize the recharge amount.
  • In case the amount remains unused, it can’t be carried forward to the next policy year.
  • The recharge feature is not available for Optional Covers.

These are some of the ‘Recharge’ features in health insurance of Religare. Don’t think ‘Recharge and ‘Restore’ are the same. There are differences in both these terms.

Below are basic differences between ‘Recharge’ and ‘Restore’

Differences between ‘Recharge’ and ‘Restore’

Though both these terms sound similar, they are different.

  • Restore: You can get benefits of restore only when the basic sum insured and accumulated bonus becomes zero. You can’t avail the restore facility for the same ailment.
  • Recharge: Recharge gets activated if the sum insured is not sufficient for the insurance claim. Unlike in ‘Restore’ where you can’t claim it in the future, ‘Recharge’ enables you to claim it in the future of the current policy. However, the claim is not available for any injury or inquiry for which you have already made the claim.

Final Thought

With the above benefits, ‘Recharge’ sounds the best inclusion in the CARE PLAN of Religare. So, if you are looking out for a health insurance plan of Religare, then choose one which comes with Recharge feature.


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