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Sales Strategies for Life Insurance

In order to become very efficient selling insurance to the public agents need to have sales strategies they can use. This article was written to address some of those strategies so that they can be implemented in an agent’s techniques.

1) Always prospect – It helps to keep a stack of business cards handy and to pass them out when it is appropriate. Most people do not like being sold and don’t like being pestered by a sales person. But if you are in a setting where it is appropriate to share what you do then pass out that card.

Wherever you go each day you need to see if you are looking at a potential prospect. Many of the places you frequent to do your personal business is made up of people who would benefit from your products. Constantly look for prospects.

2) Use the Internet – It is essential to establish a web presence for yourself if you want to succeed in business. The company you represent will undoubtedly have their own website. When you prospect you should be directing people to your own website. This will allow you to include info about yourself and the product/services you offer.

Your website does not have to be expensive but it should be informative. In addition to sharing what products you offer you can also tell your readers a little about yourself. There can be a place where people can leave you their contact info so that you can reach them later.

3) Learn the Sales Process – Great salespeople are not great by accident. They have mastered the various techniques used to close sales. Some of these techniques include; Listen to your prospect. Don’t talk yourself out of the sale. Ask questions so you can better understand your prospect. Always be closing. Use every opportunity to use closing statements such as, so how does this sound to you? Is there any reason you can’t sign this agreement today? All I need for you now is a check. When do you want this order to be shipped?

4) Train, train, train – you need a combination of knowledge about your products and proficiency in applying the sales process. The better you are in these two areas, the more money you can make if you i

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