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Samsung Galaxy S22 Users are Not Receiving Text Messages: How to Fix?

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Samsung unveiled its Flagship Galaxy S22 series early this year on February 25. The series includes the vanilla S22, the S22+, and the high-end flagship S22 Ultra. The company reigns when it comes to providing updates, whether monthly security patches or major yearly updates. They lead the Android realm, and the users are happy about that.

Generally, an update is known to patch up the issues or bugs reported by users. But sometimes, with the update only, vulnerability is created. The Galaxy S22 series devices are facing a lack of text messages or not receiving text messages at all. This is a severe issue as it can create problems. People will not be aware of the important messages they have received because the bug letting them is hidden. And also, the impression of the opposite party will not be good if you are intentionally not viewing their messages.

Text messages on the Galaxy S22 series devices are not appearing

Because of the latest September security update, the Galaxy S22 series devices have stopped receiving texts. The users cannot receive texts on Verizon, T-Mobile, or any other carriers. Many users have reported the same. According to them, the recent September update has messed it up.

The Samsung Community, Reddit, and Twitter are filled with users’ complaints on the issue. The users cannot see the text messages until they restart their devices. And after restarting, all pending unseen messages come together and flood the notification panel, which is irritating.

One user says, “It seems since the last update, my phone is not receiving all texts.” Users are also complaining about the poor service of Verizon, but this seems irrelevant as the issue is with Samsung’s September update.

However, the bug is not exclusive to the S22 series. Last year S21 devices also encountered such bugs wherein they couldn’t send or receive messages. A Reddit user confirms, “Galaxy S21+ 5G not receiving or sending text messages.”

Reason for the issue happening?

Suppose you have updated any of your Galaxy S22 series devices to the latest September security patch provided by Samsung. In that case, you will be prone to the bug that you will not be receiving text messages anymore.

How to Fix the “Text Messages Not Receiving” Issue on Galaxy S22?

  • For a temporary one, try restarting your device when you feel messages must have arrived by the time.
  • Try to switch the toggle of your SIM card ON/OFF.
  • Try restarting your device.
  • Try resetting your SIM settings.
  • Try to turn ON/OFF Airplane mode.
  • Try clearing the cache of the application.
  • Try enabling the Chat Settings of your respective carrier.

These are some standard troubleshooting steps to follow if you want your messages to be viewable.

Fortunately, one of the Samsung representatives replied to a consumer stating the awareness of the issue and the fix will be available with the upcoming update next week. Hopefully, the update will be available by the end of this month or early October. The Galaxy S22 series devices are flagship and come at a valuable cost, and they shouldn’t be stopped from performing such basic tasks. This annoys a user when paying for such an expensive product.

Update: It looks like the October 2022 security patch for S22 has fixed the “text messages not receiving” issue. Some users also claimed that the “text messages not receiving” issue does not display if we use Verizon messaging app. So you can also try the Verizon messaging app and let us know if it works for you in the comment section.

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