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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Reportedly to Feature a 144Hz Refresh Rate | 4262


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Reportedly to Feature a 144Hz Refresh Rate

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Samsung is reported to set the bar with its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to come with a ton of new changes and improvements, including a new design. Now, we are hearing more rumours about this upcoming flagship, with the latest one being that it will feature a 144Hz refresh rate display.

According to Samlover, Samsung is planning to introduce a 144Hz refresh rate on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, making it the first Samsung device to have such a high refresh rate. However, this isn’tisn’t something new in the smartphone industry. Other manufacturers have already been launching phones with 144Hz refresh rates for the past few years. Some manufacturers have even launched phones with refresh rates higher than 165Hz.

Coming back to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the 144Hz refresh rate will definitely be a great upgrade. The display should offer smoother animations, particularly for gaming enthusiasts, and handle higher and faster screen loads while keeping up with speedy performance.

In addition to the 144Hz refresh rate display, there are speculations that the Galaxy S24 series may have satellite connectivity, just like what is currently offered by Apple and Huawei.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For Galaxy. This chip should bring significant improvement in both the CPU and the GPU departments.

The camera is another area where Samsung is expected to improve the Galaxy S24 Ultra significantly. We expect an improved, well-optimized 200MP primary sensor for even better photos and videos. Plus, we can also expect improvements to the ultra-wide lens, as well as the telephoto and periscope lenses, for even better zoom shots.

While these are all just rumours at this point, it’s worth noting that Samsung has a track record of introducing new features and capabilities with its flagship smartphones.

For instance, the Galaxy S23 Ultra featured an improved primary camera sensor that captures highly detailed photos even when zoomed in and was also the first phone to record usable 8K footage without cropping in. Therefore, we can anticipate some additional new features in the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Considering its rumoured features, such as the 144Hz refresh rate and the camera improvements, the Galaxy S24 Ultra seems promising and will surely please many fans and enthusiasts out there. It can potentially become one of the most exciting smartphones of 2024.


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