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Some Pixel Users Complain About Stop or Snooze Voice Alarm Commands Not Working | 4420


Some Pixel Users Complain About Stop or Snooze Voice Alarm Commands Not Working

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All supported Pixel devices, dating back to the Pixel 4 series, have now received the December security patch. This patch brought the usual stability improvements and security updates.

With the Google Pixel 6, Google launched an AI feature called Quick phrases. You can use voice commands now without saying “Hey Google” or “Okay Google”. A popular scenario in which this feature is used is handling alarms. To stop an alarm, you have to say the word Stop; and the phone will proceed to do so.

Similarly, the word Snooze will have the intended effect as well. Google Assistant on Pixels has always had features that were a cut above the Google Assistant that ships on other mainstream Android phones.

Pixels have state-of-the-art AI capabilities, primarily thanks to their incredible software algorithms. Pixels have the best call screening, superb voice dictation, fantastic translation, and more exclusive features. Voice commands change the way you interact with your device.

Another excellent example of Quick Phrases is; you can say Answer, or Decline when you get an incoming call. Using AI, it also shows all the songs you played, and the feature is known as Now Playing. Google promises that all this info is processed locally on your device, so your information and personal data are safe.

“Hey, Google” is a hands-free way of interacting with your phone that made its debut with the Pixel 2. It launched back in 2017 with Android 8. Eventually, it made its way to most Android phones and is currently an industry-leading voice assistant.

Unfortunately, not everything seems to be smooth sailing with the Quick Phrases features recently. Across Reddit and other platforms, many people have reported that the feature isn’t working as consistently as it used to before.

It no longer picks up the command as well as it used to, and it’s to the point where you have to yell at your phone to get it to work practically. People have conveyed that the sensitivity for Hey Google has now gotten worse, with no way to adjust it on your phone.

Others have communicated that you now have to say this command several times for the phone to recognise it. For those who are used to this feature, it can get pretty inconvenient and annoying. It’s unclear whether this problem has begun to surface after the December patch or if it was an issue previously.

Owners of old Pixels to the latest Pixel 7 Pro have reported similar issues with alarm commands. So, we hope it’s just a software issue or glitch. Google has not officially acknowledged this issue, and we aren’t sure if it’s happening on a large enough scale for them to do so.

Some people have theorised that if the speaker volume of the set alarm is too loud, your phone’s microphone cannot pick up your voice.

A workaround to this issue is simply lowering the alarm sound to below or around 75%. In this case, the microphones will now be able to pick up on your voice. We hope Google recognises this problem and provides a timely solution.


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