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Technological relations were to improve

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Technological relations were to improve

Technological relations were to improve. Human resource planning has been studied in this regard.

Human resource planning is very important as compared to any other resource planning. Because, the demand or nature of other resource planning depends on the nature, structure and size of human resource planning. Human resource management is considered to be an important basis for most of the operations.

Importance of Manpower Planning

There are many types of work done in a professional organization. Every job is different from other jobs and all these jobs require different abilities, strengths and qualities, depending on the job there are different types of people available. Everyone has inherent abilities, working methods, quality and efficiency. Everyone has different values ​​and interests. Thus, the personnel management department has to coordinate these different types of tasks and the manpower available to perform them. If this complex and complicated work is not done in a planned manner, there is a risk of not having the right job for each person or assigning the right person for each job. Hence the systematic planning of suitable people and their work is called manpower planning or human resource planning.

Complete control over the manpower planning in any organization is impossible. Although the manpower requirement can be determined by the organization, it is difficult to control the availability of manpower. Manpower availability and planning is based on social, political and economic factors. As the employment rights of every citizen of the country have been recognized, the government has to make special efforts to maximize the utilization of manpower in the country in order to reduce unemployment. In a developing country like India, as human resources are more abundant than other natural resources, it is inevitable to make maximum use of these human resources.

As a solution to the needs of the people, the problems and complexities involved in the management and on the other hand, the industrial organization and the Shamayi focus on human life. The manpower planning at the government level is comprehensive and the overall situation of the country is taken into consideration.

Manpower planning is done at two levels. The first is the manpower planning at the national level, which is done on a holistic basis. Secondly, manpower planning at the industrial organization level is done on a micro basis. Here we are going to consider manpower planning on micro basis. Some prominent scholars have explained this concept as follows.

According to Waiter, human resource planning is the process by which management decides how the organization will move from the current manpower to the desired manpower. The ultimate objective of planning management is to get right number of right type of people in right place at right time. By doing this, the organization as well as the individual gets long-term benefits.


e. B. According to Gassler the process of manpower planning includes forecasting, development and controlling techniques. This ensures that the organization selects the right number of economically viable individuals to work at the right place at the right time.

James J. According to Sinch, the coordination of manpower policies, practices and procedures to achieve the objective of arranging the right number of right persons for the right work at the right time is called manpower planning.

Based on the above various definitions, the following salient features of manpower planning are found.

(1) Estimation of current manpower. (2) Forecast of expected future manpower

(3) To determine the supply of manpower as required.


(4) Balancing the demand and supply of manpower.

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