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The Basic Case for Single Trip Travel Insurance

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These days, it’s pretty easy to dream of sunny climes, pack the suitcase and quit the 9-5 routine for two weeks of fun in the sun. But paradise can be tarnished very quickly with a visit to hospital, a car accident, a slip, trip or a fall that suddenly turns a ‘quick break’ into a short-term nightmare and a long-haul recovery back home.

For those looking to make just one annual trip a year, here are a few reasons why single trip travel insurance, should be actively considered:

Cheap and convenient

If it’s a case of just one instance of travel – whether an annual holiday, business trip or special event, such as a surprise birthday or anniversary break – then single trip travel insurance is a quick fix solution, as it is relatively affordable and the time will be covered. Cover can be wrapped around a trip from start to finish and the cost will probably work out less than a tank of petrol.

What does it cover?

Insurance is there for all unforeseen eventualities, such as car accidents, a fall or much worse. It sits in the background, relatively unseen, but it’s essential when a holiday abroad goes wrong. Single trip travel insurance will encompass cancellations, damage, theft of personal belongings, as well as medical expenses. The benefit of such cover kicks in as soon as the policyholder leaves home to begin the trip, and ends on their return.

Flying without cover

If it’s a big, one-off family holiday, then there is a greater potential for something to go wrong. The need for insurance often really only kicks in when holidaymakers are exposed, languishing in a hospital bed abroad, with little or no local language skills and a potentially sizeable bill slowly ticking over while their ‘injury’ is being cared for.

Taking out single trip travel insurance enables all those medical bills to be taken of and the stress of the situation is quickly defused. Having no cover in a medical situation means one will be dealing direct with local hospital authorities and the vagaries of medication and operation costs, as well as the disappointment and financial loss of flying home early. All in all, getting appropriate cover means the added pressure is taken off in what can be trying circumstances, and enables the policyholder to be more focused in times of trouble.


Buying proper cover will enable the policyholder to be afforded extra benefits as part of the insurance terms. These can range from free cover for children to cover for terrorist attacks and car hire. There is also the potential to upgrade for winter sports, essential on a skiing holiday. It also means that the payment of, for example, medical costs, are paid out through the terms of the cover and not, ultimately, by the holidaymaker. The last thing anyone wants is to remember their holiday for all the wrong reasons simply because they had an inadequate policy or no cover at all.


Due to the rise of the Internet, there are many comparison websites that will enable holidaymakers to assess the best package for them. Investing even a small amount of time may well outweigh the personal cost of opting for a holiday without travel insurance.

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Insuremore. We provide low cost travel insurance and offer a range of policies including single trip travel insurance, annual, multi-trip and family insurance. For all your travel cover needs, Insuremore can help you in the quickest and most cost-efficient way.


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