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The freezer doesn’t work at all | 315


The freezer doesn’t work at all

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If you are on this page, your refrigerator may not work properly. In this article, I will share some tips that will help you in your DIY refrigerator repair project. If you keep these tips in mind, it will be easier to carry out repairs without professional help. Read on for more information.


The freezer doesn’t work at all


If your refrigerator is not working at all, your first step is to check if it is connected properly. Also, you can make sure that the circuit breakers and fuses are good.


It works continuously


If the engine continues to work without crashing, you can check if the condenser coils have accumulated dust. Also, there should be plenty of space behind the device for air circulation. The appliance door must also be properly closed. If there is no such problem, you can contact a professional.


The weather is too cold or too hot


Usually, the temperature in the refrigerator is between 36 and 40 degrees. If the cooling unit is too cold or too hot, the device will continue to work hard. Compressors and freezer fans must work properly. If one of these fans is running, your device will not be able to stay cool.


Door seal problem


If the appliance door does not close properly, the problem may be with the door gasket or latch. If you need to replace these items, you can purchase them at your local hardware store or online. But if these two things fail, close the refrigerator door and call a repair professional.


The light does not turn off


If your refrigerator light stays on even when the door is closed, you may want to check if the light is warm. If the light does not go off, the problem may be with the refrigerator door switch. The good news is that you can buy these switches online or at your local hardware store.



If you see water under or around your refrigerator, it’s likely the boiler isn’t leaking. In this case, the problem may be with the freezer door seal. To solve the problem, you have to fix it.


Long story short, here are some tips to help you identify the problem with your refrigerator and fix it yourself. But if you find a problem and cannot fix it, we recommend that you hire the services of a device repair professional.

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