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The Link Between Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Strokes

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In order to understand the link between diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, one must first know what each of them is. Diabetes, the scientific name Diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disease. It occurs due to decreased production of Insulin or no production of Insulin, which is the hormone that helps in the synthesis of sugar into glucose, which can be absorbed by the body. Hence it leads to high levels of sugar in the blood which causes a variety of issues.

What are Heart Diseases?

Heart disease or rather a cardiovascular disease is the term used to refer to the issues in a person’s heart that can lead to them having a heart attack. Heart attacks usually occur when there is a blockage in the arteries, which obstructs blood flow to the heart. Blockages occur due to the accumulation of particles in the walls of the arteries which make the space for the flow of blood smaller and in some cases completely block the passage of blood which leads to a heart attack. Heart attacks are caused due to high levels of cholesterol which causes the thickening of the inner walls of the arteries.

What are the Strokes?

Strokes are medical emergencies that can cause the death of brain tissue that can lead to other serious complications. Strokes are caused due to delayed or decreased blood flow to the brain. The brain is an organ that requires a constant flow of blood to function at its best. When there is a delay in the supply of blood, the brain cannot function and a stroke occurs. Strokes are very serious medical issues, which if not treated with the utmost urgency and expertise, can lead to lasting damage of brain tissue and even death in some cases.

The Link Between the Three

The link between these can be high blood pressure caused due to high blood sugar levels caused by diabetes. High blood pressures are dangerous to health. High blood pressure causes the arteries and the heart to function under stress which causes nerve problems as well. This stress may cause abnormal functioning of arteries and also the inner wall thickening of arteries, which lead to a heart attack.

High blood pressures can also cause the arteries to supply blood to the brain at a slower rate than required, which can lead to strokes which leads to brain damage of the individual, which can have lasting effects on the life of the individual.

Risk Factors of Heart Diseases and Stroke

The possibility of occurrence of heart diseases and strokes to people with diabetes is greatly increased if they also possess any of the following qualities:

1. Obesity: If the person who has diabetes is also obese, they may be more likely to experience heart diseases and strokes.

2. Existing High blood pressure: If the person with diabetes already has high blood pressure, it poses a great risk to the person’s life.

3. Abnormal levels of cholesterol: High levels of blood cholesterol can cause arterial wall thickening as mentioned earlier, making it dangerous.

4. Smoking: If the person with diabetes also has the habit of smoking, it acts as an added risk to the person’s life.



There is a big link between diabetes, strokes, and cardiovascular diseases. These are interrelated and cause immense amounts of damage to the human being. Health insurance is the foremost priority if you have even anyone of these. All of them are conditions that can be controlled or avoided. The necessary precautions to be taken are regular exercise, a balanced diet, maintaining a stress-free life, and staying active. These can help the individual to lead a healthy and balanced life.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard


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