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Things to Consider When Looking for Affordable Fleet Insurance

Hundreds of companies take advantage of commercial fleet insurance as a way to place all their vehicles under one policy and reduce their annual premium amount. This type of cover enables you to enjoy peace of mind that all your vehicles are covered on the road and pay only one premium for all the vehicles, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

It’s important when looking for this type of cover that you ensure the company you are contacting provides cover for the number of vehicles you have, some companies will offer this level of cover for two or more vehicles; while others may require you have five or more company vehicles before they will consider you.

Another very important aspect is to determine the level of cover they provide. When you are searching online, some companies will offer you a basic level in order to be competitive with their prices. This means they will offer you third party or third party, fire and theft cover. These two levels of cover don’t provide protection for your vehicles, only for any other vehicles or property that sustain damage in an accident.

Ideally you want comprehensive cover, which will offer you peace of mind and will provide all your vehicles with the best possible level of cover. Comprehensive cover protects your vehicles, as well as any third party vehicles or property which may be damaged in the accident.

Take special note of the additions and inclusions in the policy. If you have a number of different vehicles, search for a commercial fleet insurance policy that will enable you to include mixed vehicles under one policy. Also see if they offer an additional breakdown cover, this can save you time and money should one of your vehicles be stuck on the side of the motorway.

In order to keep your premiums as low as possible, you want to choose an insurance company that will tailor their packages to suit your requirements, while offering you a selection of finance packages. Voluntary excess is a top choice. This type of excess package enables you to pay a lower premium amount, but when it comes time to claim, your excess will be higher.

The good thing with the excess packages is that you are in control and only have to pay a higher amount should you ever need to claim, rather than paying a high premium on an annual basis.

When looking for affordable commercial fleet insurance you don’t have to compromise the level of cover you receive, by choosing an excess and financial package and taking care when adding drivers, you can keep your costs low and still enjoy the highest level of cover.

Wanting to keep costs low is all good and well, but you cannot compromise the level of cover you need. Rather pay a slightly higher premium for the best commercial fleet insurance and save yourself money in the long run.

It’s advisable to choose drivers who are over twenty five and have clean driving licenses. Use the drivers and your company’s no claim bonuses as a way to reduce your costs even further. A long no claims bonus to your name and the driver’s names shows the insurance company that you and your drivers are not a risk, therefore lowering the premium amount.

Finally, ask about their claims process. Should one of your vehicles be involved in an accident, you want the vehicle back on the road in the shortest space of time. You want to choose a company to provide you with commercial fleet insurance which will have you back up and running within the shortest time possible.

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