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Tips to Keeping Your Motor Trade Insurance Cost Down

One of the problems many companies face these days is lowering their expenditure, in order to increase profit margins. This is why so many companies let their policies lapse, leaving themselves open to a claim, which can cost them thousands in the long run.

It is easy to keep your motor trade insurance cost down if you know what to look for and things you can do to reduce your risk to your insurer. The less of a risk your company is, the lower your premium will be.

The first thing to consider is the type of business you run. Do you work on vehicles or do you offer a restoration service? If you do either, do you work on high performance vehicles? The higher the performance of the vehicles you have on your property, the higher your premium will be.

It’s essential when taking out any motor trade insurance, that you check to see if there are any vehicles eliminated from the list of vehicles safe to drive. Driving a customer’s high performance vehicle when you don’t have adequate cover to do so, can cause serious financial problems should you be involved in an accident.

Where is your building located? This is another very important consideration. In many cases being located in a city or town can increase the premium. This also depends on area, areas are listed according to crime rate and other statistics, things you have no control over. Where you can make a difference is to put security measures in place, such as alarm systems, strong roller doors and even bars on the windows, reducing the risk of a break in and reducing your risk to the insurer.

If you have been in the industry for some time and are currently shopping around to find a better price, then take advantage of the no claims bonus you have been building up over the years. Many insurers will take a no claims bonus into consideration, this is their way of knowing you are not a major risk and these bonuses will often have a significant impact on your annual premium.

One of the most risky parts of owning a business within the industry is driving customer’s vehicles. As you know you need to have valid cover in place to drive a vehicle on the road. When it comes to private cover, you are only covered to drive a specific vehicle, but when you’re driving numerous vehicles on a daily basis, you will need road risks cover.

The good news with this cover is you can add all your staff, the bad news is that the staffs driving records and age will impact how much your premium will increase. Keep your drivers to a minimum, ensure they are over twenty five and have a clean driving license to keep your motor trade insurance cost down.

Another great way to keep your motor trade insurance cost down is to discuss voluntary excess with your broker. Many companies will allow you to choose this option; it lowers your annual premium, but increases your excess should you ever need to claim. This is advantageous if you need to have adequate cover in place, but haven’t claimed for some time.

Finally, one of the many benefits of motor trade insurance and a way to add funds to pay for your premium is to add your private vehicles to the policy and place your spouse as one of the drivers on your road risks cover. This means you can cancel your private cover, using that money to pay towards your business cover.

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