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Touchscreen MacBook Pro: Everything We Know So Far | 4279

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Touchscreen MacBook Pro: Everything We Know So Far

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According to a recent post by Bloomberg, Apple is working on introducing touchscreen functionality to their MacBook lineup soon. This is a surprising move since Apple has not been very supportive of combining touchscreen displays with laptops throughout its history.

Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, his successor as Apple’s chief executive officer, have criticised touchscreen laptops over the years. Steve Jobs was strongly against touchscreen laptops and considered them ergonomically nonsensical. And although Tim Cook’s ideologies have arguably not been very similar to Steve Jobs’, he has the same beliefs as him regarding this. This has resulted in Apple Inc. being the odd one out of the major laptop manufacturers.

Touchscreen MacBook Pro

We have seen other brands manufacture touchscreen laptops for quite a while, which of course, must have put Apple under somewhat pressure to do the same. So it is only a matter of time before we see a MacBook with touch input support. Currently, Apple plans to reserve touchscreen functionality for its MacBook Pro lineup only.

In addition to touch screen support, Apple is reportedly planning to switch to organic light-emitting diode technology, commonly known as OLED, for its screens in the MacBook lineup. Currently, only iPhones and Apple Watches use OLED technology for their displays. The rest of Apple’s products rely on LCD and miniLED screens. OLED technology could come to the iPad lineup as well.

When will we see a Touchscreen MacBook Pro?

Speaking of the launch dates, it is not entirely confirmed. As per Bloomberg’s report, we could see the first touchscreen MacBook in 2025 and some other larger upgrades to the MacBook Pro. This is subject to change since there is no official confirmation from Apple.

The report also states that the first touchscreen MacBooks will likely run on macOS and that Apple has no plans to merge iPadOS and macOS anytime soon. Besides, it will sport the good old laptop design, comprising a trackpad, a keyboard, and, obviously, the screen.

Is this really a good move?

In its current form, a touchscreen laptop does not really offer many functions. It is just an extra thing to have and not entirely necessary. But it sure does have an audience, though a niche one. So we can wait at this point and see if it develops into something more useful.


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