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Transforming Into a Sales Professional

It is one thing to be a salesperson. It is quite another to become a sales professional.

What is the difference? A salesperson sells. They talk to potential clients, give presentations and help those clients make a decision regarding their products. Many times when a deal closes, the salesperson moves on to the next potential client.

A sales professional does the same things with a few differences. Those differences include;

1) They turn potential clients into new clients who they follow- up with – a sale is not the end for a sales professional; it is the beginning of a relationship that will hopefully last for years. They know the hardest customer to acquire is a new one so they make sure they hold on to their old ones.

2) They build a solid referral base from past clients – when you do a good job you can ask for referrals. Those who are looking to become sales professionals must develop the habit of asking current clients for new potential clients. A satisfied customer has no problem referring when the service was good.

3) They excel at customer service – this is how they can ask fro referrals. They excel at making sure all customer problems are addressed and dealt with. This gives them an opportunity to show that they can not only write business but handle what was written. Satisfied customers brag to their friends.

4) They see themselves just as professional as a doctor or attorney – this is a major key difference in becoming a professional. When you deal with people who have paid the price to learn their trade, get licensed in their trade, study their trade and excel in it, you are looking at a professional. Sales professionals expect to be talked to and treated with the same respect we have for our doctors and attorneys.

They dress the part. They talk the part. They look the part.

5) They look to earn professional wages for their services – given all the above you can see why a true sales professional expects to earn a great wage. Would any attorney go to law school and pass the bar to earn $35,000 a year? How about a doctor who earns $13 an hour? Not going to happen.

A $100,000 a year income earner makes $51.28 an hour. A $25,000 a year income earner makes $128.21 an hour.

Where does your mentality lie when it comes to the income you should be making? I hope you are striving to not only be viewed as a Sales Professional but to earn like one as well.

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