Types of Health Insurance Plans in India


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Types of Health Insurance Plans in India

Knowing the different types of health insurance plans is important to decide on the right policy to ensure that the health insurance plan meets your insurance needs.

Mentioned below are the various types of health insurance plans that you can choose according to your insurance requirements:


Individual health insurance plans

Personal health insurance plans offer insurance coverage with benefits like cashless hospitalization, reimbursement, reimbursement of pre-hospitalization expenses, coverage for residential treatment and more. Individual health plans add health insurance coverage covers at a minimal premium to increase the basic.


Family Health Insurance Scheme

Family health insurance provides insurance coverage to the entire family against a single premium. Policy Term The Sum Assured is divided equally among the policy members under this health plan. With a family health plan, most of the family members can be covered under a single health insurance premium.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Schemes provide insurance cover for individuals aged 60 and above. The health insurance plan covers hospital expenses, OPD expenses, day care procedures, pre-hospital expenses as well as tax deduction benefit under section 80D. .

Critical illness health insurance

Critical illness health insurance plans define the sum assured to be upfront if diagnosed with a critical illness such as kidney failure, paralysis, cancer, heart attack, etc. if brought as a standalone policy or as a rider, where the insured is specified to get the benefits of the policyOne has to survive after a period.Maternity Health Insurance Scheme

Antenatal health insurance plans provide coverage for prenatal and antenatal care, delivery expenses incurred during delivery (normal or cesarean). Some providers also include the cost of immunizing newborn babies in maternity health insurance plans. The list of coverage also includes transportation fees to take the mother to the nearest network hospital of her choice.


Personal accident insurance coverag
Personal accident insurance is a rider cover that provides insurance cover in the event of disability or death. The policy coverage includes hospitalization and bears medical expenses in the event of an unfortunate incident that results in loss of income.

Group Health Insurance Scheme

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s more than 80% of employers provide health coverage to their employees. Employer-provided health insurance covers the hospitalization expenses of an employee along with his/her family, spouse, children or parents. It is a wise decision to opt for mediclaim provided by your company as you do not need to pay any premium. It comes under a group health insurance policy and the employer pays the premium based on the size of the group and the benefits offered

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