What care should be taken by the speaker while speaking in the general public meeting?


What care should be taken by the speaker while speaking in the general public meeting?

He is a truly successful speaker if he satisfies a wide variety of audiences. The speaker should note the important points before the speech. So Yakta stays in full readiness. The speaker should make a preface that will win the hearts of the audience at the beginning of the speech. But this speech should be concise and relevant.

What care should be taken by the speaker while speaking in the general public meeting?


Considering the subject of the public meeting, how should the speaker justify it. The speaker is confident as he is prepared to give a speech on the topic of his choice. The points are ready. The layout of the speech is also definite. Also, care must be taken to estimate how familiar the audience will be with the subject. If the public meeting is for a reception. Then he has to speak with special emphasis on the merits of Satkarmurti. Satkarmuti will have reached a certain age limit and will have won prizes. When someone retires, the misuse of their work should be mentioned as personal relationship, personal experience, glorious. The style of speech should be decided on the field of family, social, cultural, literary, educational, political, sports.


If a public meeting is a mourning meeting, it should be taken seriously. Since many people speak of the same person, it is appropriate for the speaker to focus on personal experience in such a meeting. The occasional spontaneous speech is appropriate for the speaker to emphasize precision, the use of sensitive appropriate words, and contextualization. When speaking as an invited speaker, you should prepare by considering the rehearsal, the occasion, the venue, the audience, the notes, the layout,

If you want to speak from the role of chairman of the meeting, for effective speech


What preparation should the speaker do.

If you are invited to a public meeting in anticipation of guidance, what should the speaker do.

Often there is an occasion to speak from the chair of a public meeting or you have to speak from the role of guide as the keynote speaker. Then you have to prepare as follows. When speaking as a guide, the speaker needs to pay attention to the notes and the sense of time, which are made up of the correct knowledge of the subject. Speech to the audience. Make sure the points are recorded and ask questions to gauge their understanding. Resolve their doubts. If the speaker is to act as the chairman of the meeting, he has to play the role of a good listener, control of the meeting and a critic. In concluding the presidency, one should be able to express one’s thoughts independently. Keep in mind that you need to speak in a few words in a short time. Of the speaker to make the speech effective.

It has to have its own style. But style should do justice to the subject.

What is the purpose of gul or what


“The main purpose of a girl is to develop a personality.”


Prache is believed to be Shug. Newspapers are post-war propaganda is increasing day by day. This type of interview is used through all mediums to broadcast any player feedback such as art, literature, politics and industry. Is. This person is a kind of interview in person


This type of more arc interview is also becoming popular. Because a visit, by introducing her, reveals as much information about the author as it does through the interview, rather than the writing of the country. Prom is in front of a real person. Therefore, people’s curiosity and innumerable questions about her can be caused by Sin. So the interview is also said to be a means of understanding the person.Not only the common man but also the common man who lives a characteristic life around him

Can be the subject of an interview ‘.

Generally those who have shown some accomplishment in their field. There are interviews of such people i.e. great political leaders, actors, activists, industrialists, progressive farmers, scientists. But ordinary people and their characteristic lives are also different, so often the common man is also the subject of the interview. An artist who creates art from Kachana, a government official doing social work, a woman who takes care of the house by sewing, a poor boy with boot polish can also be the subject of an interview. Whether people are normal or abnormal, I have something in their life that gives you the ultimate suffix of human mind and accomplishment.

What is the nature of interviews of many people for the survey. Many interviews are conducted on a single issue to see the social reaction to an incident. But it only gets answers to a certain template. Because there is no such thing as an interview, its main purpose is to show personality. Sometimes more than one person is interviewed. The format of such interviews is pre-arranged. Such interviews are usually conducted on the basis of a questionnaire to examine the consumer’s product habits or the community’s response to an important political event.


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