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What Kind of Salesperson Are You?

Many people have entered into the field of sales. But what type of sales person are you?

There are different types of sales people. In this article I will outline the three basic types along with what that will mean to your sales career.

The first one is the person who is in sales taking orders. This person works behind a desk, makes calls or deals with customers who come in. Basically the customer has already expressed an interest in the product and the sales agent’s job is to “write the order”. They usually do not sell, close or try to persuade someone to do anything.

Most order taker types sales reps are on a salary. Because there is no commission involved for them they are not motivate by money ( or the possibility of more of it) and know that whether they close a big sale or a small one, their check remains the same.

My wife worked in a major retailer who had a department and employed these types of salespeople. The sales were mediocre to say the least. When I asked her why the agents were unmotivated, she said there was really no incentive for them to push for more sales. As a result the department never really took off in terms of sales.

The second person presents the products to customers. They walk customers through a presentation and believe the presentation will make the sale. But they fail in understanding that people buy what benefits them. They do not buy because you can deliver a polished presentation.

Sure, they are knowledgeable about their product, confident in their ability to explain it and can answer questions with the best of them. But that’s where it ends. I know this person well because this was me. I focused more on being an expert on my product than an expert in selling my product. This belief will not only limit your career but your pocketbook as well.

The third and best salesperson to be in the one who can direct a prospect to make a decision to buy. This is the salesperson who get paid on a regular basis and earns the money to make sales feel like a career.

They take control. They know from start to finish how this sales cycle works and they guide prospects through the steps. They also are masters at handling objections. They minimize the number of objections they get at the end by answering questions they know the prospect will ask during their presentation.

If you want to see how sales can really provide for you and your family, become a closer today. Take control. Make money!!!

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