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When Will iOS 16.1 Be Released?

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Following the launch on September 7, since the users have started receiving their devices, they have reported several issues since the day of devices shipped. The iOS 16 is a complete mess and the primary reason for the bugs or problems despite its exciting features, which include new lock screen customizations, enhanced home screen, new functionalities on the iMessage application, a new Home app, refined widgets, applications of widgets on the lock screen and many more.

Apple has already released iOS 16.0.1 and 16.0.2 to encounter the existing bugs and issues. Some of them are still adhered to by bugs. People are enormously waiting for the iOS 16.1 update, which has hope for them to resist the issues.

The iOS 16.1 Beta phases have already started rolling out. Beta 1 enables the Adaptive Transparency feature to begin working for AirPods Max. and follows Beta 2, covering the new battery icon, which replicates the per cent of the battery remaining. However, Beta 2 arrived with fewer changes. Beta 3 has resolved all the battery-related problems, majorly the background processes causing massive battery drainage.

 iOS 16.1 Release Date:

  • iOS 16.1 stable version could be released on October 24, 2022, alongside iPadOS 16.1.

Since Beta 4 was available one week after the launch of Beta 3 of iOS 16.1, we can expect the Beta 5 version of the same to be available within a week. Also, following the Apple iteration, the final release of iOS 16.1 may happen in the very last week of October. The Beta 5 version of the update can arrive next week, and iOS 16.0.3 is coming next week. So, we can expect the final release of iOS 16.1 by the end of October 2022. If you are waiting for the iOS 16.1 final version, you will probably have to wait for a few weeks.

iOS 16.1 Beta 4 update is now available:

Just one week after the release of iOS 16.1 Beta 3, Apple returns with iOS 16.1 Beta 4 for registered developers and public beta testers. The build number for the Beta 4 update is 20B5064c. It is to be noted that the last alphabet at the end of the build number is ‘c,’ which means the final stages of iOS 16.1 is near. And we may soon witness the official iOS 16.1 update. The update is 670 MB in size. (Note – The update size may vary depending on your version and device).

Let’s look at the new changes from Beta 3 to Beta 4.

  1. Automation now works how it is supposed to work, unlike the iOS 16.1 Beta 2 and 3.
  2. Keyboard Haptic Feedback: The keyboard’s haptic feedback is now more subdued and subtle than it has been since it was introduced with iOS 16.0. Now, whenever you type on each key, you will feel the improved haptic the way it should work.
  3. Dynamic Island: Dynamic Island now has a little white outline around itself when on always-on mode compared to Beta 3, which was unavailable. Though the look is subjective, it is not looking any good to most.
  4. The Airpods Pro first generation received the Adaptive Transparency toggle in Beta 3 of iOS 16.1. However, it seems like a bug because the transparency mode is only available with the second-generation Airpods Pro. And with iOS 16.1 Beta 4, the toggle has been removed from the respective place.
  5. Matter section: With iOS 16.1 Beta 4, the matter section remains removed like the Beta 3, which was available in the Beta 2 version of iOS 16.1. Let’s hope for the official iOS 16.1 update, and we might see the option of it.
  6. Bug: Talking about the second generation Airpods Pro, some users are getting a ‘replace Battery soon’ alert. However, it is not sure whether the issue is related to Airpods firmware or iOS firmware.
  7. Bug: The existence of carplay issues with microphone sensitivity still.
  8. Bug: Memory allocation issue still not fixed.
  9. Bug fix: Modem firmware has been updated, and it fixes the cell connectivity issue, as it was pretty weak in Beta 3.
  10. Bug fix: When you tap on an album network on the lock screen and have the widgets, there is always a wobble to the music player application when touched. But with the iOS 16.1 Beta 4, the bug has been fixed, and the issue is no longer in existence.

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