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Will Samsung Release Galaxy S22 FE in 2023? | 4405


Will Samsung Release Galaxy S22 FE in 2023?

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Samsung’s fan favourite ‘FE’ series was introduced in 2020 with the Galaxy S20 FE. FE stands for Fan Edition. The Galaxy S20 FE and the S21 FE were great value-for-money smartphones which brought flagship features from the more expensive S20 series at an affordable price. It’s now been two years since the introduction. Naturally, we should see the Galaxy S22 FE this year. However, this does not seem to be happening, as per reports. Let us discuss this in detail.

Samsung Will Not Release Galaxy S22 FE

As per a recent report from The Elec, the Galaxy S22 FE will not be launched in favour of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It appears that Samsung is trying to focus on its best flagship instead of launching another new upper-mid-range device. The reason stated is the ongoing global chip shortage.

Furthermore, Samsung has released a new bora purple colour variant to the complete S22 lineup as a replacement for the launch of the Galaxy S22 FE. The new colours bring back the lineup in the talks again. We have seen a similar strategy from Apple previously.

The Galaxy S22 FE was planned to be released with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the same chip used in the Galaxy S22 lineup. However, due to the global chip shortage, Samsung couldn’t execute its plan. Plus, Samsung finds the Galaxy S22 series more worthy of investment than the S22 FE. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has already crossed the expected number of sales for H2 2022. And thus, focusing on the production of the current lineup makes more sense to Samsung.

However, Samsung is still planning to launch a Galaxy S23 FE in 2023 with the aim to ship 3 million units annually. You can read about the upcoming Galaxy S23 FE here.

Is Samsung killing the FE series forever?

The answer is maybe not. The main reason for the cancellation of the Galaxy S22 FE this year is the global chip shortage. Staggering sales of the current lineup makes up for the second main reason. And therefore, we believe that Samsung could bring back the FE series once the global chip shortage ends. What are your thoughts on the Galaxy S22 FE? Let us know in the comments.


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